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19 August 2016

Atlanta Eats: Tupelo Honey Bottomless Mac & Cheese

Yes, you read that right, and no this isn't clickbait: bottomless macaroni & cheese. Every Thursday at Tupelo Honey Cafe for...wait for it...$10. Okay, so now that you know the specifics, let's dig-in to what a Thursday night at Tupelo Honey really looks like. Brace yourselves, y'all. You're in for a treat. 

Asheville-based Tupelo Honey Cafe opened in Atlanta earlier this summer and has since become a Sandy Springs staple. With their knowledgeable staff, bustling bar, friendly servers, and fantastic food, it's no wonder they've been receiving rave reviews. Tupelo Honey features a dinner specials menu several nights during the week, but I have to say that the Thursday menu was the one that piqued my interest the most. Bottomless macaroni and cheese? Where do I sign-up? 

Every Thursday night starting at 8 o'clock, patrons are invited to try one of five macaroni and cheese combinations...and as many times as you'd like, too. We started with stellar recommendations (and cocktails) from Nathan, Tupelo Honey's amazing beverage manager. Nathan served up all four of Tupelo Honey Cafe's cocktails on tap: Gin & Tonic, Strawberry-Sparkling Sangria, Kentucky Mule, and the ever delightful (and frozen!) Peachy Belle. I unexpectedly loved the Peachy Belle the most, and while I'm not a huge frozen drink gal anywhere but the beach, this drink instantly transported me to a tropical locale. It was insanely delicious and full of robust flavors...and just a pinch of moonshine. Hey, it's the South. 

We noshed on on fried green tomatoes, grilled okra with homemade ranch dipping sauce, and of course, Tupelo Honey's famous biscuits. Then the main event arrived...bottomless mac and cheese for the win, y'all!

We each got two different loaded dishes to try. His? Buffalo macaroni and cheese. Hers? Savory apple. Both? Amazing. Sprinkled with blue cheese, jalapenos, and miniature chicken strips, the Buffalo macaroni and cheese was my favorite of the evening. I loved the subtle buffalo flavor that didn't overpower the dish. The savory apple was delicious, too! Loaded with caramelized onions, Granny Smith apples, and extra cheddar,  it was basically a cheese plate in macaroni form. We also had to get another round of the Crack of Dawn (which you can read about here), and I had to get my own Buffalo because it was just that good. 

Needless to say, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs last night, but we had a fantastic time filling our bellies with fabulous food surrounded by attentive staff. We'll definitely be back to try one of the other weeknights (fried chicken tower, I've got my eye on you). 

Thanks so much to Tupelo Honey Cafe in Sandy Springs for treating us like royalty and to Phase 3 PR for the invitation. It was worth every calorie. 


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