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24 August 2016

Farmer's Market Essentials

Every weekend, a bevy of farmers markets take place around Atlanta. I would be willing to say that we're pretty known for them, and at any given time in any given neighborhood on a Saturday or Sunday, you might stumble upon a farmers market. I happen to have one of the most popular ones just a few blocks from my house. When the weather wasn't quite as scorching, I would pack my crossbody purse and walk to the market bright and early Saturday morning. 

One of the things I learned pretty quickly was what to bring with me. I didn't want to carry anything too heavy, so I would have plenty of room (and strength) to take my purchases home. Over the spring and summer, I developed my farmers market essentials. Here's what I make sure to have on hand for a visit to the farmers market:

1. Sunglasses. It never fails that it's going to be bright and sunshiny on market days. Sunglasses like these make peering at vegetables and other goods that much easier. 

2. Coola Moisturizer (c/o). You've heard me say repeatedly how much I love Coola products, and this moisturizer is no different. I usually wake up and go on market mornings, so I don't ever take the time to put on makeup, but because my skin is so fair, I'm sure to put on sunscreen. This one is lightweight and smells great, too. 

3. Small Wallet. Farmers market days are not the time to lug around a huge wallet and tote. Skip the bulk and go for a pocket-sized wallet that will fit your I.D., a credit card, and of course cash. Because after all, cash is king at the market. 

4. Reusable Bag. (similar) I got this one as a gift several years ago, and I love that it folds up nicely. It's also HUGE when you unfold it. It fits in my cross body without taking up too much room for the walk there, and fits all of my finds for the walk home. A definitely necessity. 


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