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28 September 2016

How to Blend Your Hobby with Your Career

Isn't it funny how life is cyclical? When I was teaching, I never would have guessed that having my blog would eventually lead me to a second career in the digital marketing space. Even in the few short years that I've worked in social media and marketing, I've seen a major shift in the role. What began as an addition to a company's advertising has since become a necessity in order to acquire new customers and in turn, power the business - a cycle of its own.

Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies. If I'm being honest, I like it way more than other hobbies I have, and I would even venture to call it a passion (as much as that word irks me). When I was younger, I loved writing poetry and stories. In high school, college, and post-grad work, I could crank out an entire essay in about the same time a peer could do a page of math homework. Why I didn't pursue journalism in undergrad escapes me, but like life, being a writer has slowly but surely cycled back around. 

Karl Wente, a winemaker at Wente Vineyards, understands how cyclical and often parallel passions can be. Wente is a vineyard with a history dating back five generations, and as a winemaker, Karl is obviously passionate about wine, but also happens to be a pretty talented guitar player. He's managed to incorporate both into his career.

Before you roll your eyes and stop reading because you think there's no way your own hobby could become a career, stop and think about it. Blending your hobby with your career might not be as easy as writing or music is, but it's not so much about the hobby itself as it is the thought behind it. Hear me out: I've always loved sharing things with other people and teaching them how to do things. Instead of standing in front of a classroom, I think writing is just the platform through which I share things now. So while my passion isn't necessarily the act of writing, it IS the act of sharing things with others. 

Now that we're finally having some cooler evenings, you can find me with my computer in my lap and a Wente cab in my hand cranking out my latest articles or social media posts. I'm sure that as the seasons change, my beverage of choice will too, but that's what's beautiful about seasons...they're cyclical, too. 

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23 September 2016

Inspiring Happy

Happy Friday, y'all and happy fall! Basically, happy everything. Fridays are my favorite day of the week. It's the day that I don't mind working, the day that I treat myself to lunch out (today with a friend), the day I skip out of calls and emails a little early, and the day that I most enjoy going out to dinner. Fridays are so incredibly relaxing which is just what I always need. 

Speaking of happy everything, my friends at Coton Colors have a pretty phenomenal event going on right now. I'm going to get deep for a second...are you ready? September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Coton Colors is giving the full retail price of every Limited Edition Inspire Happy Mug ($9.95) to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. 

I've never shared this on the blog before, but one of my cousins passed away many years ago after a long battle with cancer. She had a brain tumor, but she remained one of the most grateful, spiritual, faithful, fun, and caring people throughout her treatment (and in every aspect of her life). She was always smiling and never felt sorry for herself. I believe that her time at St. Jude had a lot to do with that. While my cousin eventually lost her battle with childhood cancer, I am incredibly grateful for places like St. Jude and companies like Coton Colors who dedicate time and resources towards learning more about cancer and how to treat it. 

You can read all about how Coton Colors partnership with St. Jude came to be, as well as the inspiration behind this year's mug on their blog. Please take a moment to learn more about this story and the mission behind it, and if you feel so inclined, pick up a mug for yourself or for a loved one, or simply make a donation. After all, mug season is officially here; we could all use a little warmth. Happy weekend. :) 

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