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06 September 2017

Fall Style + Closet Overhaul

Since Friday, I've had fall on my mind. I spent basically all day on Monday sifting through Labor Day sales and really thinking hard about the future of my wardrobe. As I shared with a friend, I've made a few mistakes when stocking my closet over the past few years. Here's where I am (and where I'm headed!). 

Let's start at the beginning. I left the education field a little over two years ago. At the time, I was wearing office appropriate clothes during the week that I would rarely, if ever, bust back out at night or on the weekends. At the time, that meant I essentially had two wardrobes: one for work and one for play. That also meant that I developed this very bad habit of purchasing items for an occasion versus for a season. If I needed something for a night out with friends, I went shopping. If I needed something for a tailgate, I went shopping. I always found myself picking up an item or two of terrible quality on major sale, wearing it once (because I liked it enough) and never wearing it again. 

Last spring, I did a major spring/summer overhaul. I got rid of a ton of items, but I have to admit, I sank right back into my old ways. There are tops I bought this summer that I wore once. UGH! But today, I am standing before you committed to making a change. Fall is the season that I get myself under control and start buying things that are staples. 

My new work world is working from home which means I end up wearing a lot of t-shirts. Too many, actually, and when it comes time for a meeting, I rotate 2-3 items. My goal for this fall is to buy some items that are casual and cute, but also functional. I think these leggings are a prime example of exactly that! They're leggings, but the gold zipper detail immediately punches them up to a more sophisticated level. If I wear them with a chunky sweater and some fun heels, I think I'm in business! 

In a perfect world, I probably wouldn't shop at any of the fast fashion companies, but let's be real: in the midst of my fashion crisis, I am also working on furnishing a house. My goal is to get back to a basic color scheme, so I can mix and match, but continue to punch up my wardrobe with a few fun items from time to time. Because the reality is, that there's always going to be a football game, there's always going to be fun dinner with friends, and there's always going to be a reason to shop. 

Whew. This turned out to be really long. Here's a peek at what's headed my way this week. I can't wait to see how my closet starts to morph! I'll let you know if I stick to it. Hold me accountable, please! 


01 September 2017

Start Fall at the Door with Doormat Decor

In my head, Labor Day basically means the end of summer and the start of fall. Sorry not sorry, y'all. We've had a few cooler days this week which means I've had soup for lunch, worn a pinch longer sleeve, and have been scouring the web for the best fall decor. 

Since we're in the "new house" this fall, I need some new fall decor. I have dreams of basically making my house a fall paradise, but realistically know that the budget won't allow for it. However, I know that if one thing is going to make me happy, it's seeing my porch doormat every time I walk in the door. I have stumbled upon some super cute mats this year, so I wanted to share them with you. You better believe that one of the Hocus Pocus ones will be making its way to our house ASAP! I freaking love fall. Happy September! 

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