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24 October 2014

CBG Creative Studio by Craft Box Girls

With just a few days left before we jet off to Napa, I've been busy busy busy shopping, researching, and generally planning for our trip. I am excited to head to the west coast for the first time ever as well as spend a few relaxing days with Hunter away from work. Yay!

Not only have I been busy planning, but I've just plain had a busy couple of weeks. From cocktail hours to blogger meet-ups, my schedule has been full, but fun! I've honestly enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, there's no rest for the wary which is why I am excited to share with all of my ATL friends an exciting event that's coming up in just a few short weeks: the CBG Creative Studio at ADAC. 

Brought to you by the Craft Box Girls team, an Atlanta-based group of bloggers and creatives, the two-day event will feature 50 handcrafted merchants, a series of workshops, local food offerings, a photo booth, drinks, and more. I for one am more than a little excited about some of the workshops that are lined up. I'm planning to register for the Blogger Bootcamp workshop that's on Saturday and may or may not try my hand at yoga with Kind on Sunday. 

Tickets are available now for $10, but as a special for Probably Polka Dots readers, you can get yours for just $6. For a Saturday with other creative and inspiring women, I'd say that's a steal! Enter the code "blogger2" for the discount. I hope to see you there, and definitely let me know if you're attending!

Happy weekend, y'all! Enjoy it!


22 October 2014

How to Host a Hallowine Tasting Party

As a final post about my Halloween party from last week, I wanted to give you a few tidbits on hosting your own "Hallowine" party. After all, the entire point of the event was to taste a few spooky bottles of wine! I took it upon myself to find some of the creepiest labels that my local wine merchants (aka. Target & Publix) had to offer, and I was more than pleased with the results. 

host a halloween wine tasting
I decided on a flight of four reds for my guests for a few reasons. First, we all love red wine. Second, red is way creepier than white (it's HalloWINE, people!). Third, red pairs just fantastically with chocolate, and there just happens to be an abundance of that this time of year.

To host a Hallowine Tasting, start with the wine of course! You can choose any variety of wine you like - a sparkling flight, a white flight, flight by type, or flight by year. It is totally up to you which is part of the fun. My requirement? 4 different reds with 4 creepy labels/names. Clearly I was in it for the theme, not so much the wine, but it worked for this particular event! 

Next, decide on the food that you'll pair with your wine. My tasting paired wine with 4 different kinds of chocolate. The zinfandel paired with Krackel, the pinot noir with dark chocolate, the malbec with Mr. Goodbar, and the cabernet with Twix

host a wine tasting party

Finally, create a way for guests to remember what they tasted and which wine they preferred. I covered my dining table in black paper and passed out white colored pencils. Guests wrote their "tasting notes" directly on the table which was easy for me and easy for them. Done and done.

Be sure to organize your tasting so that you start with the lightest wine and finish with the heaviest. In my case, that meant starting with the zinfandel and finishing with the cab. Need to know exactly which wine I used? Happy to oblige! Ravens Wood zinfandel, Love Noir pinot noir, Handsome Devil malbec, Carnivore cabernet.

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P.S. I am just thrilled that this post was written exactly ONE WEEK before we leave for Napa! YAY!

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