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20 August 2014

BaubleBar Does it Again!

Man oh man, there are few things I love more than happy mail. And when happy mail includes happy online jewelery purchases that will DEFINITELY fit without feeling bad about myself, I get even more giddy. Ladies, have you heard about the latest and greatest from BaubleBar? Allow me to introduce you to MiniBar.

MiniBar is BaubleBar's innovative jewelry service. Buy a MiniBar box for $20, and you'll be whisked 10, yes 10, beautiful pieces of jewelry hand-picked by BaubleBar staff. To make it more appealing, the items included in your box are first glimpses at latest styles and collaborations. In fact, if anything, the baubles included are ahead of the trend. Who doesn't love that?! 

Here's how it works: 

The good news, it's not a subscription service, so there's no commitment needed. It only costs $20 up front, and if you hate absolutely everything in the box, the likelihood of which is slim, you'll get your money back. Otherwise, your $20 goes towards the purchase of anything you keep. Kind of like my dear friend Stitchfix

I'm ordering mine TODAY. I can't help it! I need some new jewels, and this surprise box sounds like the best way to get them. What say you? Is MiniBar in your future?


18 August 2014

Graze: Snacking Made Easy

Since school has started back, I've been making an effort to step-up my healthy choices in lunches and snacking.  But if I'm being honest, I struggle every Sunday to plan those lunches and snacks. It is a task that I really can't stand, and I spend hours and hours on Pinterest trying to get inspired. Luckily, my sweet friend Luisa introduced me to Graze, an easy snacking company that sends healthy snacks right to your door...for $6!

Every two weeks, Graze sends me a box of 4 protein-filled snacks in a totally customizable box! Graze has a fantastic rating system in which you can say which snacks you want when. Just trash, try, like, or love each snack you receive. For example, I really despise dried fruit, so I trashed all of those snackers, but I adore anything with chocolate, so I made sure to love those! Oh, and you can choose snacks according to dietary preferences. Peanut allergies? Gluten free? Graze has you covered. 

Have I convinced you to give Graze a try? If so, you can click right here to get your first box FREE. Yep, FREE, friends! And the best part is that your 5th box is free too. So, after just 2 months of snacking, you get another free box. I love that! It's like Birchbox...but for food!!

And while it's no secret that I love subscription boxes, this one packing food has to take the cake. What are you waiting for? Get your free box today!

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