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02 April 2018

I tried Keto for a's what happened

I debated long and hard about whether I was going to share my experience with Keto on the blog, but the reality is, it's been very much a part of my life for the past month, and that's what this blog is all about - my life!

Before I get started, let me reiterate: this is NOT for everyone, and I am absolutely NOT advising anyone to go down this path. I am NOT a doctor (obviously), and I am not an expert (even more obviously), I just wanted to share and document what has worked for me! 

As I've mentioned before, I got really motivated to lose weight immediately after Christmas (like most of the world). I started down a health(ier) path of recipes, incorporating better foods, and eliminating foods that I know send me spiraling. I also started taking a few barre classes each week to get back on a workout schedule.

Three months later, I had not seen any changes on the scale or in how my clothes fit. There's also a better than average chance that while I thought I was eating better, I really wasn't. I needed a fix, and I needed it fast. I kept hearing about people giving the Keto diet a try, and my ears perked-up. These people were talking drastic changes to their bodies and quickly, too. I decided pretty quickly I had nothing to lose other than weight, so why not?

I started by giving a few recipes a try because I know two things about myself:

1. If it doesn't taste good, I'm not going to eat it.
2. If it takes longer than half an hour, I'm not going to make it.

These are my rules for my meals. I want to start dinner at 7, and be watching Jeopardy at 7:30, so I have to find meals that fit within that window. The recipes I tried did.

Next, I ordered the Simply Keto cookbook, read it from cover to cover in a few hours, figured out my macros, bookmarked the recipes I wanted to try, got my husband on board, and planned to start the following Monday, March 5. I haven't looked back since.

Without getting into a ton of details, the Keto diet is a diet consisting of high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs. Like as low as possible. And yes, fruits and vegetables have carbs. A lot of carbs. My personal goal was to stay at 18 carbs, but more often than not, I hovered around 20-22 per day. I quickly discovered that was the amount that worked for me while satiating my appetite and my cravings.

A typical day looked like this:

Pre-Breakfast: Coffee (with half and half, sweetener, MCT oil, and vanilla) or English Breakfast tea with heavy cream

Breakfast: Egg Casserole, Keto Bagel w/cream cheese, or Frittata

Lunch: Chicken Salad (either homemade or from Chicken Salad Chick) with cucumbers and ranch

Dinner: Some recipe from Simply Keto!

Dessert: Keto approved chocolate, brownies, cheesecakes, or cupcakes (yep...)

Notice something? I don't have any snacks because most days, I was completely full sticking to these items alone. The full fat items like cheese, ranch, etc. keep you full!

Yes, I still drink - mostly clear alcohols like my favorite, gin, and soda with excessive amounts of limes. Also wine. Because wine is the elixir of life.

Yes, I still go out to eat. It's actually super easy to eat out on Keto! Any diet that let's me go to a dive and still order chicken wings or a burger is my kind of diet. Oh, and give me all the charcuterie, please.

Yes, I still eat vegetables.

Yes, I occasionally had higher carb food (like popcorn at a soccer game) because I had extra carbs to use...and I wanted the popcorn.

Yes, this diet fit into my lifestyle.

Note: If you're curious about how Keto works, I highly recommend purchasing Simply Keto. Not only does it have all of the science behind the diet in it (which is all about burning fat, not carbs), it also has 100 recipes! 

What did I miss the most?

Mexican. We eat a lot of Mexican food in our house. I'm talking multiple times a week. This is probably why I was spiraling out of control. I miss tortilla chips and queso. A lot.

Fries. I can definitely order a burger without a bun, but man oh man do I miss the fries that come with it.

So what were my results? 

Here are two pictures of Hunter and I for a side-by-side comparison. We've been doing the diet together which has been a HUGE motivator for both of us. The first photo was taken at a black tie wedding on February 24th. The second photo was taken yesterday at Easter (5 weeks in between photos, but just 4 weeks of dieting).

As of Tuesday, April 3, four weeks of being on the Keto diet, I have lost over 7 pounds. My clothes fit noticeably different, and I am noticeably thinner than I was. As a result, I'm going to keep going. I have a few milestones I want to hit (like losing those stubborn 3ish extra pounds), and a few vacations planned. My goal is not to "be keto" forever, but to get to a better place with my weight and slowly start to incorporate healthy carbs and starches (like brown rice and sweet potatoes) while allowing myself to have a hamburger WITH a bun every now and then.

Have you tried Keto or thought about trying it? I'd love to hear what recipes you like or your favorite resources!



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