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22 June 2016

Atlanta Eats: Tupelo Honey Cafe

One thing that I absolutely pride myself on is knowing THE BEST places to go eat in Atlanta. I'm not talking about the places that everyone else goes either. I'm talking about the places that are worth your money, the places that are worth your time, and the places that are worth your calories. In terms of "worth it," Atlanta's new Tupelo Honey Cafe nails the trifecta. 

Based out of Asheville, North Carolina and with locations across the country, Tupelo Honey Cafe is hands down worth a visit. The restaurant is located off of Roswell Road in Sandy Springs in an absolutely beautiful space. When you walk in, you're immediately greeted by friendly staff and a stunning bar which features over 36 craft beers on tap along with four draft cocktails. While we didn't get to sit in the bar area this time, I am itching to go back and give it a try; the atmosphere was bustling and the ambiance inviting. 

If you've been to a Tupelo Honey Cafe before, you're likely to notice some favorites on the Atlanta menu. Signature dishes like shrimp & grits, ribs, and fried chicken find their place on the menu, but you'll also fine Atlanta-specific items like bottomless mac-and-cheese (say what?!) and a fried chicken tower (available Wednesdays & Sundays). 

We were treated to everything from Strawberry Sangria to homemade biscuits and blueberry jam. Our meal started strong with a sneak peek of the bottomless mac and cheese. Creamy and topped with an over easy egg, it was what I dubbed "Southern carbonara." Just what dreams are made of. 

The mac and cheese was quickly followed by cooked-to-perfection scallops which were one of my favorite things we had all night. Hunter doesn't even like scallops, and he left his plate absolutely clean; a true testament of scallop goodness. 

Next up? Fluffy, flakey, buttery, a pinch salty yet slightly sweet southern biscuits. I wish I had through ahead enough to bring the other half of my uneaten biscuit home with me for breakfast on Sunday. I cannot talk about how delicious it was. And the blueberry jam? Icing on the crumb cake. 

Our entrees followed: steak for him and shrimp & grits for her. The smoked gouda grits were incredible - rich and creamy which balanced the slight spice of the dish perfectly. I loved the red peppers that were included in the bowl, too. Yum. 

Of course, no fantastic meal is complete without dessert. Our sweet waitress, Golden, hooked us up with two desserts (even though we were only allotted one). Hunter devoured the strawberry shortcake (made with a biscuit, obvs) while I noshed on s'mores cake. Yes, you read that correctly. S'mores. Cake. 

Needless to say, we essentially needed to butter the doorways to get back out of the restaurant, but every moment of the meal was incredible. I highly recommend adding Tupelo Honey Cafe to your restaurant must-visit list. It's sure to be a staple in our house. 

Thanks so much to Phase 3 PR for inviting me to try Tupelo Honey! All thoughts, opinions, and calories are my own.



  1. I have been dying to try this place! I was looking for a brunch place (I live in Sandy Springs) this weekend and this came up! We ended up at Buttermilk Kitchen instead but, SO good to know that this place is awesome too!!

  2. This is not too far from us so pleased to here it was a win! Can't wait to try!


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