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01 December 2014

A Tour through Blogland

Last week, the lovely duo over at Peachtree Roadies, Meg and Kelly, asked me to participate in a Tour through Blogland. These two have been such a blog blessing (is that a thing?) to me over the past few weeks, and I am grateful to have met them. From Meg's fun parties to Kelly's awesome Napa tips, I feel like we are well on our way to becoming besties. If you haven't yet visited the roadies, now's your chance! 

Part of the tour is that I share a little bit about me and a little bit about three of my favorite blogs. Let's get to it, shall we?

Q: What am I working on? 
Right now I am working on some pretty phenomenal small business gift guides featuring a few of my favorite small shops. I can't wait to share the details with you all; you're going to love them! 

Q: How does my work differ from others in its genre?
This is a super tough question, but I think part of what makes PPD unique is that 9 times out of 10, I'd rather tell you about my favorite local shop than try to get you to buy the latest Kate Spade bag. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Kate Spade, but to me, I like to use the blog for a platform for those with a small voice rather than those who already have a mighty one.

Q: Why do I write/create what I do? 
Well sometimes it's because that's what comes to my mind. Haha! But really, it's the fact that I get to bring you guys something you hopefully haven't seen before (like my gift guides!). I love letting people know about the best new shops, how I really feel about outfit posts, and where to get the best bloody marys in ATL.

Q: How does my writing process work? 
Sundays are my jam. I sit down and crank out my posts for the week. I've also recently discovered that my husband's big green egg table makes for a pretty beautiful photo background

And now, a few of my favorite blogs:

Sara of Social Sara:

Y'all have to know by now that Sara is my blog soul mate. We have very similar style, are southern through and through, and happen to love a good wine. 

About Sara: 

Back in 2011, I started my blog to journal life in Atlanta, my travels, fashion loves and more. Since then, it has evolved into so much more. You can expect to find a lot of fashion, a good bit of makeup, some food, and pieces of life sprinkled in here and there. And now that I've made the move from Atlanta back to my hometown of Savannah, GA, you'll see a lot more of Savannah too. Speaking of... 

After nearly 15 years in Atlanta, I had my fill of the big city and knew it was time to return home. I was born and raised in the Hostess City and because of that, Savannah has truly shaped who I am. No matter where I am, she's always on my mind. Savannah has my heart and therefore, she deserves a page all her own. Hop on over to this page for a list of all my favorite places.

Apparently, I connect to Sarahs everywhere :) Sarah and I have been instagram and blogging pals for the past few years. We're always pinning each other's pins and liking each other's pictures on's kind of what we do. I love Sarah's hosting tips, party planning, and interior design style. 

About Sarah:

Hi there. I’m Sarah of Simply Sarah Style, a lifestyle blog for those who like to be fashion forward, design dwellings and plan pretty parties. I am driven by an innate desire to make all things pretty.
You’ll find me to be a positive, upbeat person who feels compelled to celebrate the good things in life – big moments and small. It’s all about creating a special event that stands apart. Why host “meh” when you can host memorable? I’m a Kentucky girl, hailing from a horse farm family, so I’m all about the Southern chic – with a hint of prep. Beautiful accessories, stunning interiors and smart-looking outfits are all in my wheelhouse. My background is in public relations, the ultimate career for an outgoing event planner. (I’m a reformed interior designer.) During my day job, I help clients develop strong brands and celebrate their milestones along the way. I’m married to my college crush. We’ve recently purchased a new home – my blank slate to add some Simply Sarah Style.

The Ladies of Supper Club of the South:

Supper Club of the South is one of my favorite Atlanta blogs. I've even run into a few of the ladies at events here and there, but I'm hoping to meet all of them in person soon! My favorite weekly post by this group is their Friday Favorites.

Supper Club of the South focuses on Atlanta restaurants, places we have traveled (and want to travel), favorite foods (and our recipe fails), party planning, wedding planning (from the newlywed and currently engaged), exercise (and making time for it), gifts, home decor & design, fashion and all things Southern.

There ya have it! Be sure to visit all of these lovely bloggers and show them some love! Starting Wednesday? Gift Guides! EEK! I can't wait! 



  1. Love reading more about your blogging style - I can't believe you knock everything out on Sunday - I am SO impressed by that! We also love your focus on the local shops - you've introduced us to some great new places for sure! Can't wait to check out the Sarah's blogs' and learn more about our favorite SCOTS ladies :)

    Kelly & Meg

    1. I have to knock it out for my own mental sanity for the remainder of the week. Not going to lie though, I didn't quite get it done this week!


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