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22 September 2014

Best Bloody Marys in Atlanta

Bloody Marys, or "snacks" as I affectionately call them, are my absolute favorite cocktail. They are a tall glass of salty goodness, and if there's one on your menu, you can bet I am ordering it. When it comes to Bloody Marys, I am known for ordering a trio of beverages: the bloody, a water, and a coke. Trust me that this trio will make  your brunch adventure that much more enjoyable. 

As a nod to my go-to brunch beverage, I thought I would give you a quick round-up of my favorite Bloody Marys in Atlanta and what makes them so delicious!

Number 1 Pick: 6 Feet Under, Grant Park

This bloody is by far my number one pick. It has the perfect amount of spice, is rimmed in a delicious salt & Old Bay seasoning, and comes with a Guinness floater. Yes, you read that right. Just pour your tiny glass of Guinness right over the top and enjoy. 

Best Bloody Mary in Atlanta

Number 2 Pick: Folk Art, Inman Park 

Coming in a close second is the delicious Mary at Folk Art (my number one brunch pick too). Unfortunately on Sundays, you can't nab this little glass of happy until 12:30, but that hasn't stopped me yet. I love the banana pepper that is gingerly placed in the glass, and the thickness of this bloody can't be beat. 

Atlanta's Best Bloody Mary

Number 3 Pick: The Nook, Midtown

Three words for you: bacon infused vodka. Traditionally, I like my Bloody Marys to be made with gin (called a Red Snapper), but the Nook had me at bacon. This twist gives their bloody a unique taste, plus they offer a super-sized version that is apparently an Atlanta must-try. 

the best bloody mary in Atlanta

So tell me, where's the best bloody in your town? I'm on a mission to find the best one in the whole world!



  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I've been known to drink them at all times during the day: daytime, nighttime, any time :)

  2. The best Bloody Mary in the entire world is my father-in-law's version. He makes it with Clamato juice and {secret ingredient} beef broth. They are amazing!

  3. SO I don't really like bloody mary's but you left two off this list that are actually quite amazing. Bantam + Biddy's Biddy Mary is amazing which is second to only Murphy's (in the virginia highlands) Bloody Mary. Both are absolutely excellent, and I'm really not into them!



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