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12 November 2014

Bamboo Juices: Raw, Organic, Cold-Pressed, & Delicious

I am a newbie on the juice trend. I've dabbled in juices from time to time, but I've never found a brand that totally suits me and my needs...but then I found Bamboo, and I can tell you that I am hooked. Founder Kelley Sibley established Bamboo after doing tons of research about the ins and outs of healthy living around the world. In fact, she spent over 15 years studying the diets of people who live in what are known as the "blue zones." People who live in these zones are 10 times (10x!!!!) more likely to live independently past 100 years old. Crazy, right?! Using the principals and commonalities found in those diets, Kelley created juices that mimic the lifestyles of those people.

Bamboo doesn't just offer juices, but they also have their own line of almond milks. While I loved Bamboo's juices, I must say that their milks really stole my heart. I tried the Coffee Almond, the Strawberry (pictured), and the Dark Chocolate. I fully expected chocolate to be the winner, but I have to say that Coffee Almond was unlike any thing I've ever had before. It was insanely delicious, and I am definitely going to be ordering a few more bottles. Yum!

Kelley's story into juicing and entrepreneurship was so interesting that I knew I wanted to share more of it with you. Get to know Kelley a bit better in her full interview below...and check out her recipe for a quick cocktail using one of her juices! 

Tell me a little about yourself.
I love traveling and learning about other cultures. I love learning about other cultures' diets and healthy life styles. I traveled around the world for a year and believe it was this year of my life that inspired me to follow my dreams, take chances and believe in myself.

When did you realize that you were ready to open your own business? What gave you that final push?
I began juicing in an effort to clear my skin and get healthy and completely fell in love. Juice stores in LA (where I was living at the time) are a dime a dozen. I then moved to ATL and was shocked to find that there was no juice here that is raw, organic, and cold pressed. I truly believe that without these three components, your juice is not medicinal, and therefore not worth the money. Because I was unable to find juice that met my standards, I decided I had to start my own juice company. Juicing for myself turned into juicing for friends and family which then lead to the creation of Bamboo!

What's your next big thing that juicers can expect?
Tumeric! Tumeric has finally made its way to the West and is quickly becoming the hottest cold pressed item on the market. Tumeric in elixirs, almond milks, and juices is taking over. Everyone wants it, and everyone should have it! If you don't know about cold pressed tumeric, look it up because everyone needs it in their diet. 

What is your favorite juice? Your favorite milk? 
My favorite juice is our seasonal greens. It has no sugar and is so light and refreshing. It leaves me energized and curbs any cravings I am having. I MUST have a daily dose of green juice. My favorite milk is our coconut almond milk. It is also very low sugar, packed with protein, and full of electrolytes. Every morning I blend our coconut almond milk with greens (arugula, romaine, spinach, or any other greens in my fridge), and it keeps me full for hours. SO delicious! *Side note from PPD: I LOVE this idea!*

I am sure every health nut needs a break from juicing from time to time, and when that rolls around, what is your favorite southern dish?
Sweet potatoes. Yams are excellent for hormone balancing. I roast yams in the oven with coconut oil at least twice per week, and sometimes more during the winter when I am craving comfort food. 

Favorite cocktail? Do you ever mix one up with your juices?
The lemon ginger with vodka and a squeeze of lime is to die for!!! We have catered several events with this cocktail, and it's always a huge hit!

Interested in giving Bamboo's raw, organic, cold-pressed juices a try for yourself? Good news! Bamboo is currently featured on Scoutmob. Place your order now! And do yourself a favor and splurge on the coffee almond me!



  1. Who knew almond milk could be so tasty? Will have to give it a try!!
    --Kelly & Meg

    1. Ahhhh the coffee almond is so so so good. I am having dreams about it!


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