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10 November 2014

Leggings, Baubles, and Boots, Oh My!

I swore I would never give in to this whole leggings as pants trend. Never ever. And then I discovered Yummies, the beauty of long chambray, and the ridiculous that is a Georgia fall. You see, Atlanta spends several months easing us in and out of cold weather. It's absolutely frigid in the morning, so you leave all bundled, but by 11 AM, it's 70 degrees, and you're sweltering. Toss on some leggings and chambray with a scarf in your bag, and you're essentially set for whatever the weather throws your way. 

I had Election Day off, so I met up with my bestie for a delicious lunch at Sophie's. Side note: Atlantans, if you've never been to Sophie's, you're missing out. They have the best fruit tea in the world. I digress... I took my own advice and matched my favorite Old Navy chambray with the most flattering leggings. Then I added a pair of red statement earrings from Alma and Co. and was off. 

It was a perfect outfit for the weird weather and ended up being a great way to run some errands. A few quick notes about leggings as pants: 

First, make absolutely sure your shirt covers your "seat." Or at the very least comes extremely close to doing so. Otherwise, you're missing the mark. 

Second, check the quality of your leggings before you sport them as pants. You absolutely need a thicker pair to avoid the see-through-oops that happens when leggings are too thin. Folks, I love me some Target, but now is not the time for Target leggings, you know? 

Finally, wear leggings as pants only when weather appropriate. 30 below is not the time to rock some L.A.P.s no matter how cute your chunky cable knit sweater is. 

P.S. Love my earrings as much as I do? Be sure to head over to Alma & Co. to check out their gorgeous selection of baubles. Plus, you're in luck! Join their mailing list today and receive 40% off for 24 hours starting tomorrow. You have to join the list to get the code, so head over there right now and get yourself on that magical list! Treat yourself, amiright?!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I love the if only I could wear it to work :)

  2. This post just made me miss ATL a bit. Sophie's, sigh. I've wondered about these leggings. Definitely going to try them. Thanks for the tip, friend! :)

    1. Sophie's is the best, and get the leggings! Promise. I would not lead you astray!


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