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10 October 2011

Home Improvement

I promised there would be many updates soon, but since this is by far the best one, we'll start here:

Meet Ryan, our hound mix puppy! She's 8 weeks old, about 5 pounds (if that), and super cute. She looks like a beagle, but we were told she could be as big as 70 pounds! Yikes!

We weren't exactly looking for an addition, but when we saw her on the Internet, she pulled at our heartstrings. We talked about getting a dog a lot - the realities, the expenses, the life change, and decided that we could handle it. Our stipulation was that if she was gone when we got to the Humane Society, it wasn't meant to be, and we would wait until the summer to start looking again. When we got there and saw her in person, we took the plunge. How could we leave her there?!

She has been really good so far. It's so funny to watch her because she is basically an infant: she eats, plays, pottys, and sleeps a lot! In fact, she's fallen asleep on just about everyone she's met. Hunter swore she would be "my dog," but I think he's loving her as much as I am (if not more).

I hope everyone can meet her soon, so they can see how sweet she is. We just love her. It's a learning experience over here every day, but we're slowly making some progress. I am so excited to have her. It's gonna be an adventure!


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  1. I am so sad I'm missing her cute puppy days!! Post as many pics as you can, she is adorable!


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