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14 October 2011

Friday Foodie: Dog Friendly Dives

Even though we're not big take-your-doggie-to-dinner people, I couldn't help but think it might be fun to look up some pooch-friendly eateries around town. Take a look at some of the options if you're in the mood to take your favorite furry friend for a meal out on the town:
Treehouse: We love the convenience of Treehouse. Dogs enjoy sleeping under their owners' toes while they take in happy hour. And, I've seen water bowls available for your pet too!

Park Tavern: With quick access to Piedmont Park's Dog Park, what's not to love about this spot? Try it for lunch after taking your dog for a play date.

Sun In My Belly: On every occasion that I've been to this yummy brunch spot, I've seen pups on the patio. It's location makes it a prime spot for Decatur neighbors to bring the whole family - even the hairiest members - to breakfast.

Verde: Verde's patio is another neighborhood dive that has a perfect location for pups. It's a great spot to wind down after a long day. Margaritas for two and a bowl of water for the four-legged friend!

Der Biergarten: According to many sources, this German-inspired downtown restaurant promises to entertain your dog with pet-friendly ammenities. I wonder what those are?!

Bistro Niko: It's no secret that the French love their dogs, so it's only appropriate that Bistro Niko allows pooches on their terrace. We loved the dining experience here, so we might be tempted to take Ryan with us on a later visit.

Hotel Indigo:  I for one definitely want to try Hotel Indigo's Canine Cocktail Hour. Tuesdays this hotel caters to your dog and even has a doggie menu! Too cute.


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