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18 October 2011

The Birchbox

I am excited to share this neat idea with you. Birchbox is an online beauty supply shop (think Sephora) that has all of the latest products plus some old favorites. While you can go on their website at any time to purchase almost anything beauty related, I think the coolest part of their company is the monthly Birchbox that comes in the mail on the 10th of every month:

Once you open it up, you will find brand-name samples catered to your tastes as well as a card that explains each product:

This month my card explained that since this was my first box, they set me up with some basics. I'm looking-forward to trying the Philosophy Purity face wash.

I've already tried the mascara, and I love it. It doesn't clump or come off in little flakes all over your eyes. Instead, when you wash your face, it pulls off in tubes! I know it sounds weird, but it works! It reminds me of this mascara by Trish McEvoy. 

Interestingly, it looks as though the company really tries to get you supplies that they think you'll enjoy. Check out this Birchbox from All the Small Things (where I first heard about the idea).

I'm usually not a make-up person, but it's fun to look forward to getting something in the mail...and it's just $10 a month!


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  1. Awesome! Do you think they'll ship to China? I'll have to remember this when I get home...


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