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29 May 2017

Mineral Makeup at its finest

One of the things that I've been committed to for a few years is integrating clean, natural beauty products into my routine. It started with my first visit to Fig & Flower, continued as I delved into Skin Cleanse, and remains a part of my routine to this day. I can't say that every single one of my products is all natural, but at least 50% of them are, and it's a change that I'm dedicated to. 

I've spoken about natural beauty brands a few times in the past, including a post about my favorites as well as a nod to Beautycounter. Today, I wanted to share with you my latest discovery, Mineral Fusion. Mineral Fusion is a skincare, body care, and makeup brand that is EWG Verified and committed to only the purest ingredients. I've mentioned before that there aren't any guidelines about beauty products in the U.S. Since there are virtually no regulations about what can go into our beauty products, it's up to brands like Mineral Fusion to make sure the best of the best is hitting the shelf.

Mineral Fusion products are made with natural ingredients like licorice, lavender, and coconut oil (and others!), and the brand's mission is to leave your skin better than the makeup found it. This makeup is actually working to improve your skin while you're wearing it. For example, a lip butter is not only providing you with color, but is also nourishing and hydrating at the same time.

Mineral Fusion products are available online, but they're also available at Whole Foods Market. Not only does Whole Foods carry some pretty awesome self-care brands, but the retailer has even created its own standards for organic labeling on personal care products. So while no one else really seems to care, Whole Foods does. Sounds like as good of a reason as any to do more shopping at the market that I already know and love!

Last week, Whole Foods Buckhead treated me to a complimentary makeup consultation with Mineral Fusion. I showed up looking less than lovely with absolutely NO makeup on, and left feeling ready for the three-day weekend. Mineral Fusion currently has a pop-up shop front and center of the Whole Body department and all of their products are 40%! You can find the pop-up shop (and the awesome sale) happening now through June 4th.

I've thoroughly enjoyed all of the products I have tried so far, but I have to say some of my favorites are the mascara in Jet, bronzer/blush duo in Blonzer, and the lip tint in Blush. I am also really digging their Limitless Beauty Cream for my lips which are perpetually dry even in the balmiest of weather.

If you've ever considered incorporating some natural beauty products into your routine, now is the time! You can find some great deals, especially with that 40% off too. Let me know what you pick up and add to your natural beauty arsenal!

Whole Foods Buckhead supplied me with a few Mineral Fusion products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 


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