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07 September 2016

5 Minute Face for Fall with Beautycounter

Okay, okay, I know it's technically not fall, but since Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer, I feel like we've embarked on the unofficial start to fall! Fall is absolutely my favorite season which means I'm usually ready for it a few weeks before anyone else. I love that we start to get cooler mornings and evenings, that boots, jeans, and blanket scarves are back, and that we can begin adding warmer tones to our makeup routines. Shades of plum, fig, caramel, and rust start making their way into lipsticks, cheek colors, and eyeshadows, and I welcome them all with open arms. 

This fall, I am making an effort to incorporate those fun shades all while simplifying my makeup routine. For one thing, fall air means dry air and dry air means dry skin. The fewer products I use, the less likely I am to dry-out my skin. For another, fall ushers in a time change which means the mornings are darker...which means I spend more time in bed which means I've got less time to get ready. And finally, using fewer products is just plain better for your skin. There's no arguing that. 

Beautycounter has a fantastic line of good-for-you makeup products that will make your morning routine a breeze. Further, Beautycounter has not only made it their mission to bring customers the best on the makeup market, but they really care about changing the number of chemicals in products, too. Believe it or not, the FDA's restrictions on chemicals is pretty limited. In fact, Beautycounter has a "never" list of over 1,500 chemicals they refuse to use that the FDA allows other beauty companies to use. 1,500 chemicals, y'all. Gross. 

Recently, my friend Kristin, a Beautycounter consultant, sent me a few must-try fall makeup products by Beautycounter. For the past several weeks, I've made it my goal to strictly use these products as my daily makeup routine. The best part? I am down to only using FOUR makeup products daily to achieve a beautiful fall look. FOUR. One more time...FOUR. And the best part is that using just these four products has cut my makeup routine in half. Putting on makeup now takes me less than five minutes. 

What are these miracle products? I'm so glad you asked. 

See my transformation and my start-to-finish 5 minute face for fall in the video below! 

Pro Tip: If you do purchase Tint Skin, I highly recommend getting the retractable foundation brush, too. It's what I use to apply the product, and it will absolutely make your product last longer and spread more evenly. 

Insider Tip: I'm giving away a tube of Beautycounter mascara on my Instagram - head there to enter now!

Want to get the products seen in the video? Kristin has you covered! Shop through the link here, and join her Facebook group for the latest in Beautycounter (like weekly deals and even a peek into their Target collaboration!). 

Since I'm a fan of total transparency, I will tell you that in the video, my face had been cleaned with Amala hydrating cream cleanser, moisturized with La Mer Creme de la Mer & Beautycounter face oil, & primed with Benefit's That Gal. I don't consider any of these products a part of my makeup routine; they're a part of my skincare routine. If you want a total face application time, I would say between cleansing & makeup application, I spend 7-8 minutes on my face daily. Total. 

Ready to try Beautycounter for yourself? Click here and get to shopping. And if you've already started adding Beautycounter to your routine, I'd love to hear about your favorite products in the comments! I'm always shopping. :) 

I received Tint Skin, Cream Blusher, Lip Gloss, & the retractable foundation brush in exchange for this post. Mascara & face oil were purchased on my own. :) 


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  1. Love this! You look beautiful. Excited for fall so my makeup won't run off my face...

    Peachtree Roadies


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