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19 May 2014

Natural Beauty Brands

This week I am bringing you a few of my most recent health kicks. While I do try to watch what I eat, workout, and generally take care of myself, I rarely chat about it on the blog, so this week, I am making an effort to tell you a bit about my recent changes. Excited?!

I am definitely not a health nut, but with my work with Julie Bee's as well as my desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I've recently started to get more "into" ecofriendly and organic products. There are tons of natural beauty products on the market, all of which I am eager to try. However, recently I've developed a few favorites that I want to share with you today (all thanks to my friends at Fig & Flower). 

There are several things that I adore about this brand. For one, they are from right here in Georgia; St. Simons to be exact. For another, their packaging is simple & chic. And finally, I'm absolutely in love with their products. Right now I am using their Chia Whip as my face soap along with the trendy (and awesome) konjac cleansing sponge. My skin has never felt softer or cleaner!

Confession: I've never been one to actually remove my make up before going to bed because I am just too lazy, but this takes off my make-up in one fail swoop. This little pot of heaven smells like the beach and removes make-up like a champ. It's 100% pure coconut oil, and it's worth every affordable penny. I'm sold.

I had the pleasure to spend time with Holly Beth this weekend, and she walked me through each of her products. It was such a treat to spend time with her to see just how passionate she is about her work. Her excitement literally radiates from her, but that may be in part due to her glowing skin as a result of her fabulous products. I picked up her Grits & Honey scrub which even the hubby has started to love, and I have been using her Camellia Sunflower Elixir religiously as my moisturizer. Holly Beth's products are made by her hands in Atlanta, and I cannot wait to see the big big things in store for her brand.

As I delve more and more into the organic beauty product realm, I am quickly discovering just how healthy it is for your skin to make the switch. These are just a few of the products that I've tried, but I am itching to give products by Tata Harper (especially this) & others a try too. 

Tell me: Do you have any natural beauty brands that you're loving?

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