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24 March 2017

Weekend Reading

Hello from the other side!!! I've had one of those weeks where I was SUPER slammed until midday yesterday, and now I've got nothing on my radar. Does that ever happen to you guys? Because of the workday crazy, the blog fell to the wayside this week. But, I've been hoarding a few fun links for you for this weekend. I always like to catch up on fun reads on the weekends, so I thought I'd share a few of my finds with you. Kinda like Monday, My Day, but on Friday. Haha. 

I usually loathe all of the silly food videos on Facebook, but I was fascinated by this one about using muffin tins to make snacky food. I love tiny foods (because you can eat more of them, obviously), and this video had me enthralled. 

Have you heard that the latest character on Sesame Street has autism? As a former teacher, this made my heart smile. Kiddos with autism are so special to have in your life. I always adored my students with autism, and embraced having them in my classes. 

Drinking while shopping at Target?! You bet. Just watch that $100 cart skyrocket to $200. 

I'm kinda mad that none of my Nashville friends have ever told me about the U.A.L. chain. Road trip, anyone?!

I've never had to be a first responder (wasn't really my thing at school...I freak out in emergencies...I digress)...but this list of songs you can do CPR to is BRILLIANT. It's a great reminder for anytime you might have to help someone - just sing...and focus on the CPR part...

I heart John Krasinski. This Never Have I Ever video makes me love him even more. 

And finally, do yourself a favor and go see Beauty and the Beast. I know, I know, everyone is talking about it, and you don't want to believe it's as good as they say. I promise, it IS as good as they say. I had sort of an epiphany while I was watching the movie. I've always loved all things French, and I seriously think my love came from Beauty and the Beast. I loved how this film made Belle into an even bigger heroine, and all of the actors are phenomenal. Go!

Have a great weekend!


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