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27 March 2017

Easter Centerpieces Using Unique Vessels

Spring has sprung and Easter is right around the corner. Since we're renovating (and possibly moving in) around Easter this year, I probably won't be entertaining, but that doesn't stop a girl from dreaming. One of the things I always associate with Easter is beautiful floral centerpieces. 

I don't know about y'all, but I haven't quite built-up a fabulous vase collection just yet, so when it comes to centerpieces, I have to get creative about what I put them in. It's easy to create Easter centerpieces using unique vessels. Seriously, just do some out-of-the-box thinking around your home. It's simple: anything that can hold water can serve as a vase - teacups, cereal bowls, shallow ramekins, coffee mugs, and even old candles all work well. 

Two of my favorites to use are ceramic tumblers from Honeycomb Studio. Honeycomb Studio recently launched a tableware collection that is absolutely stunning. It would make a fantastic gift for anyone getting married this spring, or you can treat yourself with a few of their tumblers for a gorgeous Easter centerpiece. 

Don't forget to peek in your own china cabinet for other potential floral vessels. A collection of teacups or a few bowls make quaint centerpieces that are the perfect height for conversation. 

What are your favorite unsuspecting vases for Easter centerpieces? Share your secrets!


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