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07 November 2016

Monday, My Day

Monday, we meet again! After a weekend complete with several hearty meals (and time well-spent with friends I might add), I'm spending this week trying to get on some sort of healthy track as we head into the holiday season. Is anyone else trying to make an effort before it all goes out the window for Thanksgiving? I usually attempt to get everything in order, so I can indulge a little through the holiday season, but this year, it's not going as well as planned, so this is the week I take life by the horns! Since there are just two weeks until Turkey Day, I think that's a good little goal to give myself. 

Besides making an effort to be healthier, this week is one step closer to starting our renovation. Last week, I sat down and made decisions for all of our plumbing fixtures, and this week, I'll be choosing our lighting. Besides that, we're still working out exterior paint colors and deciding brick for our fireplace. It's definitely exciting, but it's also definitely overwhelming! I'm hoping to share an update soon! 

In the meantime, here are my favorite links and happenings for this week:

I went to two fabulous fall group lunches this weekend. One with some of my favorite blogger gals hosted by Luisa, and one with my BFFs - our friendsgiving. I contributed this salad and these potatoes, respectively. Both were a hit! 

I've been working on little holiday photoshoots for a client, so my house has basically thrown up Christmas. If you're in the market for holiday decor, Michael's can hook you up! I scored a pre-lit Christmas tree for $20.

Is anyone else absolutely pumped up for Beauty and the Beast?! Those costumes and sets though...

There are tons of new restaurants coming to Atlanta in the coming months. I tried out Taco Cowboy in Virginia Highland and LOVED it. You can never have too much Mexican. 

One of the cool things about blogging is meeting over bloggers...and discovering you live in the same neighborhood as each other. Tierney and Ashley both live just down the street from me. Meg used to live in the neighborhood, too, and since she's just around the corner, she basically still does. Fun, right?!

I'm trying really hard not to buy all the things this fall, but I'm kinda loving this dress and this poncho. I think I might need both, right? Right? Right. 

Annnd even though I'm trying not to jump ahead to holiday gifts and what not, this mug is pretty freaking awesome. 


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