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09 November 2016

How to Make your Spray Tan Last Longer

Reading a post about spray tans in the fall might seem a bit out of place, but if you're anything like me, you're getting your spray tan on year round. I have been getting spray tans since 2007, and since I am as fair as they come, I think it's safe to say that I've perfected the experience. 

Getting a spray tan isn't inexpensive, so knowing how to prolong your tan is the key to knowing your money was well spent. So how do you make sure your spray tan lasts as long as possible? I'm so glad you asked:

Tip 1: Remove all exterior lotions, oils, and even deodorants before you arrive. I am one of those gals who puts moisturizer on as soon as I step out of the shower, and I definitely don't leave the house without perfume and deodorant. For perfecting your tan, you want to make sure you don't have ANY lotions, oils, or other exterior fragrances on your body. That means remove all of your makeup, too. This step is crucial in not only getting your tan but making sure it stays put. 

Tip 2: After your tan, embrace the braless look. I know this might seem kind of crazy, but if you can go braless after your tan, do it! Your bra is only going to leave bands in places you want to show off your newly bronzed bod (like your shoulders), so take it easy at home and order takeout for dinner after your tan. 

Tip 3: Opt for an in-home spray tan. Mobile tanning services are everywhere these days. My personal favorite is Southern Glow on the Go here in Atlanta. An in-home spray tan will not only save you time, but it will really put you at ease about that whole go-braless and makeupless thing. 

Tip 4: Wash your hair the day you tan and wait to shower until day two. Since I can go two or three days without washing my hair, I always try to wash my hair the day I'm getting my tan. That way, I can take a quick shower to wash off any bronzer on day two without having running water dripping down my neck and shoulders. Basically, the fewer showers you can take, the better. Which brings me to:

Tip 5: Put lotion everywhere. After you get your tan, the key to making it last is to apply lotion liberally everywhere. Keeping your skin hydrated makes that tan stay in and on. Trust me. 

Tip 6: Avoid hot tubs, chlorine, facials, saunas, spa treatments, and basically anything else with hot water, chemicals, or exfoliating. The fewer times you encounter water while you've got a spray tan, the better. Sadly, chlorine and salt water will take your color right off as will those bursts of bubbles in a hot tub. And spa treatments? Those will take off your tan too. Instead of getting a facial on day one, I always plan my spa treatments for my last day of vacation. That way, I've gotten maximum use out of my tan, and I can enjoy my spa day, too. 

Any other ladies out there who love spray tans as much as I do? Share your secrets to making them last below!

I received an in-home spray tan from Southern Glow on the Go in exchange for this post. All tips and opinions are my own. 


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