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20 July 2016

Savory Southern Breakfast Bowl

One of the meals that I've found myself really playing with recently is breakfast. I wake up pretty early, but I don't get started on work until mid-morning. It gives me a chance to workout, answer some personal emails, texts, and phone calls, and ease into my day. Since I stopped teaching, I've gone from absolutely hating breakfast, to really looking forward to it, especially with meals like this. 

Guys, welcome to my new obsession: the savory southern breakfast bowl. I have made this more times than I can count in the past month or so, and it is absolutely divine. For one, this savory breakfast bowl is full of yummy, filling ingredients. For another, it's simple, and you can have the whole dish completed in 20 minutes or less! 

There aren't that many ingredients, and I would be willing to bet you have all (or most) of them in your pantry right now: polenta, bacon (or sausage), fresh veggies, cheese, and a sunny side up egg. Here's what you do:

Savory Southern Breakfast Bowl

You will need:

- 1 serving of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Polenta Grits, prepared according to package directions 
- 1 slice of center cut bacon 
- 1/4 cup of tomatoes (or other veggies of choice)
- 1 tablespoon of pimento cheese (or cheese of choice)
- 1 sunny side up egg 

To prepare:

Prepare your polenta grits according to package directions. (I usually make 4 servings, put the remainder in the fridge, and reheat throughout the week)

While grits are boiling, cut bacon into bite-sized pieces and fry. Remove & let crisp up on a paper towel. Bacon expert tips: put your cold bacon in a cold skillet and then heat your skillet. This will prevent splattering and cook your bacon more evenly. 

While bacon sizzles, chop your veggies. 

When your grits have just a few minutes remaining (2-3), start frying your egg. This time, let your skillet heat up then crack your egg. Cook until the whites are no longer translucent. 

Scoop your grits and top with your toppings. Add your egg at the last minute, sprinkle with fresh, cracked pepper, and serve. 



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