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18 July 2016

Monday, My Day

After a relaxing weekend at home, I'm looking forward to the week ahead. Besides work and the usual events, I'm excited to celebrate my sister's birthday along with both of my sister-in-laws birthdays - all this week! Then, we're headed over to Auburn this weekend for a golf tournament...and you guessed it, more celebrating! 

Even though we're in the thick of summer, I can already tell that fall is starting to be on the brain of a lot of us. Between the Nordstrom anniversary sale, school supplies showing up at Target, and football season being just around the corner, it's only a matter of time before autumn creeps in (and y'all know I can't wait for that!). In the meantime, let's enjoy each day and try to appreciate summer's glory. After all, we'll miss it soon! 

Favorite Links & Happenings 

We went and saw the new Ghostbusters movie, and it was legitimately funny and GOOD! I was pleasantly surprised, and I highly recommend it. Two thumbs up. 

I watched a lot of HGTV & DIY this weekend, and especially enjoyed Nashville Flipped. What a cute show! 

My sweet friend, Allie, is currently making her way through the Carolinas as she hunts antique furniture, and I can't wait to see what she finds! Follow along with her on Snapchat (@peachfullychic). 

While flipping through Cooking Light, I came across Wine Glass Writers. What an awesome idea and a fantastic hostess gift. I mean, really really genius. 

Did y'all see this Harry Potter newborn photoshoot? A baby as a mandrake? Adorable. 

One King's Lane is featuring Gray Malin art right now. I wish I had a place to put one of these pieces because they're so vibrant and fun, and with OKL prices, it's basically a steal! 

I was gifted a Coton Colors Happy Everything Cookbook last week, and I cannot wait to dig into some of the recipes - like Baked Bean Dip perfect for this fall's tailgating. 


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