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15 July 2016

Paige Kalena Follmann Art

My favorite class in college was hands down Art History. It may or may not have totally kicked my butt, but I sat in the front row with huge images of breathtaking, iconic works of art plastered on a projection screen in front of me. I remember hushing my friends, not only because I needed to learn the information, but because I wanted to learn it. During that night class, I learned to love and appreciate art. 

Thankfully, my love for art has not been lost since that class, and instead, it grows, especially with platforms like Instagram. I connected with Paige Follmann first on Instagram. We'd like each others photos and comment occasionally, so I was thrilled with Paige reached out about us working together for a post on PPD about her art. 

Paige's work is gorgeous. She fills her canvases with stunning, saturated colors in all shades. For me, her work evokes emotion and serenity all at once. I am drawn to all of her work, but I have a special place for her figure studies. They're so feminine, and with our home renovation on my mind, I have a few particular new places I'd love to see her art hanging in the future ( new master bath). 

Spend today, or sometime this weekend, reading a little bit more about Paige and getting to know her better. Like me, Paige took a leap of faith to do what she loved, and I respect her so much for that. I'm sure you'll be as smitten with her personality as you will be her art. Meet Paige Kalena Follmann: 

Tell me a little about yourself.
I’m originally from Dallas, TX. I’ve been drawing people, dogs, and flowers since I was in 1st grade. I graduated from a small all-girls private high school in Charleston, SC. I’m a free spirit. I studied fine art in Barcelona, Spain while I was in college and lived there for 5 months. I’m obsessed with dogs, coffee, and music. I’m most obsessed with art.
When did you realize that you were ready to open your own business? What gave you that final push?
It was not an overnight process. I’ve always loved creating art, but I never thought I could make a career out of it. I went completely the other direction and worked in real estate like the rest of my family. I painted on the side for myself, and then family, and then friends, and then clients.  I think the big push came after a long period of reflection. I took a break from art, and I just couldn’t get away from it mentally. I had this incredibly persistent feeling to PAINT. So, I decided to just give it my all and paint a large series of work, build a website, create an online shop, and start getting involved in group shows and art events. I just can’t believe how quickly things took off in a few months. A gallery contacted me within a week of launching my website, and I sold over 30 paintings myself within the first 3 months. I’m truly so thankful for the support and encouragement from people who love my work.
What is your vision for your brand?
I want to be known for painting a vibrant, stylized version of the things I love – florals, figures, and abstracts. Colorful still life and nudes will always be a large part of my work. I really hope to create art that allows people to escape and experience a pleasurable, soothing, and calming influence on the mind; a moment of peace in this crazy world full of distraction.

Do you ever want a brick and mortar shop? 
Maybe! I think I enjoy the flexibility more of having my work displayed in galleries and selling online at my website versus running my own physical shop, but there would definitely be advantages to both strategies.  
What's your next big thing that shoppers can expect?
I’m working with a fabulous design blogger for a decorating project that will feature my artwork. I’m very excited to see it all come together! And I’m starting to paint BIG – some sizeable abstracts are coming in the near future and I’m really enjoying working on a larger scale. This series will be the perfect colorful statement to light up a room.
What is your favorite painting thus far?
The one that really captures me at the moment is an abstract nude I just completed, “Figure Study V”. I think it’s so cool and different. It’s a simple line drawing of a classical figure with a color-blocked background.
Who/what would be your ultimate collaboration?
The ultimate collaboration would be if I could team up with one of my favorite designers, like Mara Hoffman or Tibi, to design a line of colorful jumpsuits or midi skirts. That would be a dream!
Describe Paige Kalena Follmann Art in 3 words.
Cool. Contemporary. Stylized.  
Tell me what a day in the life of an entrepreneur/artist looks like.
No day is exactly the same which I like. I really struggle with having a solid routine. My main goal in any given day is to spend a good stretch of time in the studio and take breaks to respond to client emails, photograph my work, replenish my supplies, update my website and social media, and other little tasks.  I love being in the studio with music playing and if I’m in the zone I can spend several hours in there at a time. I usually have spurts of extreme productivity….and then of course, long breaks ☺

What is one thing every stylish woman should have?
An organized closet. Coming from a messy person, I know this can sometimes be the key to putting together a fantastic outfit. You’ve gotta see all the options, right!? But if I had to pick an item, I would say a cool hat. Best way to top off an outfit.
What is your favorite southern dish?
Tex-Mex – does that count!? I’d say my favorite traditional southern dish is Shrimp and Grits. And some cornbread. Can’t leave out the bread.
What is your definition of "southern hospitality"?
Someone who is gracious, kind, and warm to everyone. You know immediately when you meet those special people. You want to cozy up to them and chat for hours – they just feel like an old friend.
What was the last book you read? 
Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Definitely a classic and a great lesson on being against the grain in life.
Favorite cocktail?
Basil Limonada. It’s made from infused lemon vodka, basil and soda. It’s the perfect cocktail - so refreshing and slightly sweet.


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