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11 July 2016

Monday, My Day

Whew. I need a vacation from vacation, y'all. After an absolutely whirlwind trip down to 30A, we're back. Seriously, this year's family vacation flew by. I have to say it was a great trip, though. We tried some new restaurants, explored some new neighborhoods, and spent all day every day basking on the beach (okay, I basked in the shade, but you know...). This week, it's all about getting back into a routine and really kicking off July. What does your week ahead look like?

Favorite Links & Happenings

If you're making your way down to 30A, I highly recommend checking out Chiringo in Grayton Beach. It's directly across from the infamous Red Bar, has an equally awesome atmosphere, but without the wait. Winning! Order the Blackened Grouper Bowl and a Tsunami cocktail. YUM. 

And while I'm on beach eats, I can't recommend Perfect Pig for breakfast enough! 

As I mentioned, we're in the thick of planning for our renovation. Right now, I am super focused on learning all about bathroom finishes and am crushing hard on this tile. Mark my words: you'll see this somewhere in my house!

I'm sad to report that I didn't read any books on vacation, but I did read a ton of magazines and, I had good intentions with this book! Definitely still planning to read it. 

We had a great time playing Tenzi. It's such an easy game to learn; kids love it, too. 

I can't wait for this week's happy hour with Coton Colors. They just sent me their new 17 month agenda, so stay tuned - planner reviews are coming to the blog soon! 

Have y'all been watching the Olympic Trials? We have, and it's been so much fun to see our future athletes. Here's a full schedule of this year's Olympic Games! 

Enjoy your week!


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