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17 June 2015

Travel Necessities

As you know, it's been a whirlwind of a few weeks over here at Probably Polka Dots. I've been quite the jet-setter and am really getting the hang of this whole packing a carry-on thing. Of course, Hunter and I try to avoid checking our bags at the airport, so I always have a carry-on suitcase, but I've determined that the real strategy comes when packing your personal items for the plane. I wanted to share with you a few of my must-have items for air travel as well as a few tips for packing efficiently. 

Step 1: Get the very best, sturdiest, most pocket-filled bag you can find. For me, that's the Lo & Sons OG bag.  If you don't think you need something quite as large as the OG, allow me to direct you to the OMG because the bottom line is that these bags are incredible. There are more pockets than I can count and that helps immensely with organization. 

Step 2: Gather your entertainment. I prefer magazines for take off and landing with a book or movie for the ride. One fun idea would be to add a deck of playing cards to your bag, especially for longer flights. Solitaire anyone? Of course, make sure you have some quality headphones or earbuds. They really help you zone out and enjoy some peaceful time for yourself. 

Step 3: Add toiletries, makeup, and jewelry. Take it from me: it's not worth it to arrive to your awesome destination and be missing any of these items. Put them in whatever bag is guaranteed to stay with you for the flight. Make sure your toiletries are TSA approved and in a sturdy zipper bag

Step 4: Don't forget necessary documents like your boarding pass (I cannot recommend the Fly Delta app enough for this!), your id, and your passport if necessary. I've gotten in the habit of taking my id out of my wallet and putting it into an interior pocket of my OG before I ever get to the airport. That way, it's easy to find without fumbling through in the security line (and inevitably angering the people behind me and increasing my travel anxiety). 

Step 5: Pick up water and a pack of gum from Hudson News. You know you can't resist the airport newsstands, plus having that water will help get you to snack time on the plane. 

Do you have any air travel packing tips? Would love to hear them!

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  1. You are SO organized! Absolutely love these tips and am going to bookmark this for my next trip!

    Meg and Kelly | Peachtree Roadies


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