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21 February 2014

Friday's Fancies: Transitional

You want to hear something absolutely crazy? This time last week, I was sitting at home after 2 days of an ice/snow storm. Yesterday it was 75 degrees outside. No lie. And while some people might complain about the lack of seasons south of the mason-dixon line, I personally love it. I'm sure all of you northerners and mid-westerners sure would appreciate a break from those freezing temperatures to the tune of 70+ degrees, no? It's part of what makes living in the south so special. 

Now, I will say that the hard part is deciphering exactly how to dress in these months. An easy (albeit adorable) popover, some skinny jeans, and a pair of flats, much like the outfit I have for you today, works well. Darling accessories complete the casual Friday look. Mais oui!!!

This weekend is pretty low key for us which means plenty of time for catching up on some of my favorite blogs and magazines. Next week to PPD comes another installment of Better Blogging and the latest edition of Perfectly Paired....the bibliophile version! Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend!
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  1. Cute!! Thank you for including our Luxe Merry Cherry Necklace in this round-up. We must have similar taste...I've been stalking those coral Gap flats for weeks! xoxo
    Laura | Kluster Shop


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