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24 February 2014

Email Etiquette

Maybe it's because I am southern, or maybe it's because I teach kids the importance of a first impression, or maybe it's because I take pride in my writing. Whatever it is, I have recently learned that people don't always treat email the way that they should. We live in a modern word where the art of the business letter is becoming less valued, and frankly less needed. I distinctly remember learning the steps to writing a business letter in school, and I am here to tell you that is something students do not learn anymore. But, I think there is an assumption that those rules do not necessarily apply in email, and in many ways, that statement is true. However, I also believe that at the core of it, having appropriate email etiquette, and good email etiquette for that matter, will get you a lot further.

Bloggers and inevitably small business owners should be especially aware of the email rules. They are ultimately working for and representing themselves. Whether you're pitching a brand or emailing a fellow entrepreneur for advice, take these tips and make the most of your next professional email correspondence. 

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  1. I am so loving this series - please keep them coming.

  2. I absolutely adore this post! I couldn't agree more! And thank you so much for the shout out...I love closing with a little something fun and lively! "Cheers" is my all time favorite...glad you love it! :)


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