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19 February 2014

Continuing your Blogger Education

I don't think it would be too far-fetched to say that many bloggers out there don't have formal training in well, blogging. The reason is because being a blogger requires so many skills: there's photography, there's styling, there's graphic design, and at the heart of it all, there's writing. While some of us did major in one of those things in college, there really wasn't an option to major in all of them (and for some of us, we didn't even know that those majors existed...let alone that we were interested in them). Luckily, a few very talented people have gotten together to share their knowledge with the rest of us, and for just a small financial commitment, you can now continue your blogger education in a variety of areas!

This week, I stumbled upon Nicole's Classes (great name, right?), and I immediately started making a list of all of the courses that I wanted to take. Nicole's Classes is a one-stop shop for a variety of online learning related to being a better blogger. Feel like you could use some tips in photography? They offer several photography courses. Do you wonder how to design patterns in InDesign? They can help you with that too! Tops on my list is their typography class. Playing with fonts and learning how exactly to put them together is something I struggle with. I cannot wait to sign-up for the next course beginning March 10th. 

Most courses are under $150 and run anywhere from 2-4 weeks. There is homework, which I kind of love, and instructors are available to give you feedback. It's like blogger college! 

I have decided to dedicate what little money I make off of blogging and freelancing for the next few months to making this blog and my knowledge base stronger. If you can't commit financially just yet, be sure to check-out their blog; there are tons of great tutorials and inspiring stories there!

So tell me, which course are you signing up for first?
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  1. I haven't heard of this, but I will definitely take a look! Thanks

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  3. I haven't heard of Nicoles classes, but I definitely want to check them out now. I think no matter what you do continuing education is really important to staying on top of your game and finding success in your job.

  4. It's a nice blog for me that give an idea from where I should join photography because I want to join classes for photography courses.So,Nicoles classes is best for me.


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