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08 April 2013

Weekend Update & Five Things

Whew. It has been one crazy week around here. Last week, I spent Wednesday-Friday traveling down to Mobile for a funeral. While the reason for the visit was not the best, I so enjoyed being able to spend time with my grandparents. I just love their house, and I am totally spoiled while I am there. AND! My grandmother and I were able to plan for one of my wedding projects; I cannot wait to get it started.

Today I'm sharing a little bit of my time in Mobile as well as what we were up to this weekend (registering!). Oh, and I'll be giving you my 5 things. I was tagged last week by Emily and have been wanting to write this one up, so I'm glad to share it with you today!

Mobile: Grapefruit without the "white stuff" (thanks, PopPop!) / Silver at an antique store - my favorite patterns are Chantilly & Tara / Lunch in Fairhope @ Panini Pete's / Hair accessory for the wedding. The plan is to turn this vintage brooch and pair of earrings into a hair comb a la this (the earrings are held on either can't even tell, right?!).

Weekend Update: I spent LOADS of time on registering. Do you catch a glimpse of one of my patterns? / Best burger in the world @ Holeman & Finch at Turner Field. This is a real treat to Atlantans as the restaurant famously only serves 24 burgers per evening / A little Etsy treat from Bip & Bop for our engagement pictures (on Wednesday!) / FREE Zac Brown Band concert for the Final Four.

5 Things: 

1. I'm on spring break! I am cheating with this one, but it's just too exciting of a thing not to share. :) 

2. If I were to choose any job in the world, I would want to be a wedding planner. Ironically, I am struggling making decisions for my own big day. Things like a dress, venue, photog, etc, are done, but the smaller details are really bothersome! I'd love to have a Style Me Pretty wedding in which every little detail is covered, but I'm so far from that right now, I don't know if it will ever happen.

3. I studied abroad in London during college and hated every second of it. Truly, I was miserable. It turns out that I like seeing new places, but I'm not so good at being away from home. I learned to deal with it about a week before we left. I will say that London is a very neat place...although Paris will always have my heart. Paris, je 'taime.

4. I am terrible at both geography and math, but I could find my way around a city I've never been to without any problem. I have an awesome sense of direction that I pride myself on. I do not, however, know how to distinguish between my right and my left. I give directions by saying "turn at McDonald's towards the BP." I am thus terrible at directing another driver. Yes, I teach school...writing, though, people!

5. I love to read, and I have a HUGE book collection, but I have never read a book twice. Not my thing. I feel like it was too good the first time, so a second glance wouldn't do it justice. Don't tell my students. :)

So there ya have it: weekend update & 5 things! I'm tagging Sara (duh), Jenn (duh), Bri, Amy, & Laura.

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  1. That broach is stunning! And I loved registering too! So fun!

  2. I use to think my dream was to be a wedding planner until I worked for a wedding planning company for two years! So. Stressful! I'd prefer to just design the prettiness :)

    & wasn't Atlanta the best this weekend!? I don't think I've ever been more proud of my city!

  3. I have a terrible sense of direction. I get lost in the city I've been living in all my life. No lie.


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  4. Yay! Love learning more about you! Thanks for the tag. Can't wait to put my five things together! Beautiful broach. Looking forward to seeing how you use it!


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