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10 April 2013

Wedding Wednesday: China & Flatware

First of all, I promise not to make this kind of post a regular thing. Cross my heart! I know that things like china and flatware patterns really aren't the most exciting things to discuss, but I am struggling with decisions for our registry, so I figured that I'd take it to the blog! You guys always know what to do. So here is the connundrum:

1. I have definitely decided that for my fine china, I want to get Lenox Federal Platinum accented by Kate Spade Larabee Dot. I've registered for the salad plates in the dot to add a little pizzazz to the Federal Platinum (the dots are platinum, but they look gold in the image). 

The problem? I have NO idea what flatware to get because...

2. Federal Platinum is for nice occasions: holidays, dinner parties, etc. I've chosen Mikasa's Antique White as my casual, every day china, so I need flatware that looks good with BOTH sets. 

So, there are two set-ups for the two choices I have. We're deciding between Reed & Barton Manor House or Lenox Eternal flatware. Thank you for bearing with me so far :)  

I know, I know, this is a silly conversation, but I have to make a decision. I know I want something with a classic shape. I'd prefer something more traditional and less modern, but still clean around the edges. 

Making matters worse...I visited Beverly Bremer here in Atlanta and am pretty sold on Buttercup as my silver pattern. This is a collection that I hope to start over time, beginning with larger serving pieces. It is a very southern, and somewhat ornate, pattern. See? Do you love it?!  

So what do you think? Reed & Barton Manor House or Lenox Eternal? Comment with your vote!

Back on Friday with a non-wedding post!
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  1. Are those polka dot plates Kate Spade?! Those WILL be on my registry! I don't even care what Chris says--they are a MUST!


  2. Love it all... the polka are so fun!

  3. Love your china choices first of all.

    for the flatware I vote lenox eternal. I do like both though, so you really can't go wrong.

  4. I like the Lenox. It looks more timeless to me. It could go with any table setting, I think. We have very clean, modern flatware and I'm so glad we picked it.


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  5. The polka dots are SO cute. As for the flatware- how do you even choose?? All great choices!

  6. Love your plates! The polka dots are gorgeous! I vote Lenox Eternal, simply because I generally go for the simpler option in any situation. But you can't go wrong with either!

  7. Love the plates! I vote Lenox too!


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