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20 February 2013

Style Sessions & Random Wednesday

Oh lawd, I cannot believe I'm about to post pictures of myself on my own blog again. Y'all. If there is anything that gives me anxiety, it's this very thing. A few weekends ago, Hunter and his mom kindly walked me through an iPhone photo shoot (no fancy camera for me...yet) for my post on Style Elixir. I was so embarrassed the entire time, that there are more out-takes than there are quality images. But, I think this outfit, as simple as it is, is a great example of how I dress on a daily basis. So, I'm putting it out there. But, rest assured that if I had loads of money, I'd be shopping and looking just like every single one of my Friday's Fancies posts

I tend to wear pants a lot, so I try to jazz them up in any way I can. In this case, I chose a kelly green blouse (budget find!) and paired it with fun leopard loafers. These shoes have quickly become my favorite, but I definitely have a thing for flats...and heels...and wedges (haven't you seen my posts on Vine?!). For an added bit of color, I pulled out some punchy blue studs (thanks, Hollie!), and then kept the rest of my jewelry simple. I wear this watch and this bracelet daily, and I've been really into my monogram necklace layered with this one, too. Oh, and yes, I mix gold and silver...and I don't have any qualms about it! 

So there it is - or should I say, there I am. So tell me, what is your best example of your "actual" style?

I'm linking up with Shanna from Because Shanna Said So today for Random Wednesdays. Go over there and get some new reads!

I am also linking up with Lauren from Stylelixir for Style Sessions. Be sure to take a peek at this blog (which I'm sponsoring!) for some extra style advice from some very stylish ladies!

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  1. You totally drew me in with your blog name. We were meant to be friends! :-)

    Outfit posts are SUPER awkward....but, I think they get a *little* more comfortable over time!

  2. You look great and I completely understand. I think taking outfit pictures are so difficult but I absolutely love looking at others and they are the most popular posts on my blog, so I just tell the hubby to take a TON of them, that way there has to be a few that aren't too bad. :) Keep em' coming!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  3. Your shoes are TOO CUTE! Love them!


  4. I know where you are coming from with the outfit posts. So hard! But cheers to you, because this is a great post! Fun part of town too! :)

  5. Came over from Shanna's blog!
    I've not ventured into the outfit posts...for exactly that whole awkward thing. But I know I'm going to have to get over that!
    Love the green shirt-that's one of my favorite colors!

  6. Oh I LOVE IT!!! Yay for outfit posts! You know I love anything emerald, and the ATL skyline in my favorite :)

  7. Those ON blouses are seriously the best bargain; I have it in 3 colors and it's perfect for daytime as well as going out - and you can't beat that they're machine washable!

  8. i'm glad you did another outfit post–I was so nervous to do it to for a while, but it got easier after a bit (although I still get embarrassed in public). You look so pretty in that teal top!

    The Glossy Life


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