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18 February 2013

Let's Get Real & Introducing

Let's get real here for a second: you know a little bit about me and about my friendships & relationship, & you definitely know about all the lovely things that make me happy. What I don't often talk about here is my job. I am a teacher, and one of the things you might not know about that aspect of my "real life" is that I am currently working on my Ed.S. in Instructional Technology at the University of West Georgia. For those of you non-teachers, an Ed.S. is a degree beyond a Master's (I have my M.Ed. in Reading preschool-12th grade), but not quite as much work as getting a Doctorate. In a nutshell, I'm in college...again!

So, when invited me to partner with them, I was elated! This partnership gave me an opportunity to tell you a little bit about my "real life" and brag about a great brand that I cannot wait to be a part of at the end of this semester (more about that soon). I so wish I had learned about this company sooner because it is seriously amazing. I love the concept of textbook rental because honestly, education text books are BOR-ING...and there really isn't much use for most of them once you're finished with a class. Enter They offer some serious perks like: 

- Saving 40%-90% off of regular prices
- FREE shipping both ways (love that!)
- The ability to mark and highlight in the books
- Flexible renting periods
- AND they donate to Operation Smile for each book rented

The even better part? They have just launched a new facet of their site called RentBack. RentBack allows you, the consumer, to rent back any text book you have AND make money off of it. So, let me show you an example. I have in my possession right now How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education (doesn't it sound fascinating?!). This book cost me $170 from Amazon. Crazy, right?! If I rent the book back through RentBack, I will make $41. Now, I know that doesn't sound like a huge savings, but think about it: if it sat on my bookshelf at work collecting dust, I would make zero, zip, zilch, but with RentBack, I can get almost $50?! Hello shopping trip to J.Crew.

All in all, students can make about 2-4 times as much with RentBack than they can selling their books back at the end of the semester. Plus, RentBack does all the work FOR you. You simply mail your book to them, and they take care of the renting, then send you a check. Doesn't get much better than that. 

So, now you know a little more about my personal life and my career, and you got some stellar information about Anyone else thinking about digging through their college boxes to find old textbooks? Might as well give it a try!

*this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own*



  1. Great post! If I was still in school, I'd be all over this!

  2. Amazing... I wish they had this when I was still in school!

  3. Its great awareness even available for those people who living in UK, USA

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