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21 November 2012


When I signed-up for Blogshop, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. As of Friday night, yes, this past Friday night, I had not even opened Photoshop. At all. I knew that blogs like this, this, and this, had to use something more than I had been using (ahem, PowerPoint), and I knew that if I ever wanted my blog to get some serious readership, I needed to change something. I can say, without a doubt, that Blogshop was an investment, and step, in the right direction.

I was running a little bit late to day know, I had to find the perfect thing to wear...dots & lots of color, of course!

Finding a Baggu full of goodies, this water bottle, and what I have dubbed, the Blogshop bible at my seat was a perfect way to greet us.

We immediately got to work transforming, masking, retouching, and saturating pictures (hello words I didn't know last week).

The SmileBooth provided a lot of fun for all of us and was a welcomed break when we'd had about all the "hold shift" we could take.

As dorky as it sounds, I was completely blog-struck by several of the women there. Not just Bri and Angela, who are rock stars in their own right, but women like Christina, a fantastic jewelry designer in Atlanta, Ali, who is the author of the first blog I ever followed religiously, Mandy who is launching Waiting on Martha, an online boutique, and Meghan, who was an immediate friend and works as a recipe developer (cool, huh?!). These women were inspiring to chat with and learn beside.

As a result of the class, I have a few new ideas that I am eager to start implementing soon! If you ever have a chance to go to Blogshop, DO IT without a bit of hesitation. What is there to lose?

(Well, maybe some of your dignity...)



  1. Glad you liked Blogshop! Also, your animated gif is hilarious and it's so nice to see more of the face behind the blog. :) By the way, where is your polka dot shirt from? Love it!

  2. Yea those programs always confuse me too, but it looks like you're a pro at it now! Love your animated gif!!

    xo Olivia

  3. I had to stop over to read your review! So happy you got to go and can't wait to see what you do with all your new skills. Maybe I can start saving my pennies and make it the next time around in ATL. Love your dancing moves :)

  4. Great recap! Sounds like you learned a lot. Can't wait to see more of your skills at work here on the blog! :)

  5. Yah! Thanks for the mention - I, too, feel like we were immediate friends. Great recap and so awesomely brave of you to post your GIF! Looking forward to seeing how what we've learned transforms Probably Polkadots!

  6. This is so great! I'm excited that you go to go and experience this! Seems like such a fun and enjoyable time! I'm so going to make it happen to go one of these days ;)

  7. I want to make a GIF of my dog doing something random. I feel like it would bring hours of facebook fun. lol


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