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19 November 2012

5 for Five

Well hello there! I have been in blogland all weekend, and it. was. awesome. I learned so much at Blogshop and met a new friend or two, too. I want to give you a full re-cap and show-off some of my new skills later this week, so check back on Wednesday for a Blogshop post.


Today, I am linking-up with my blog/IRL friend Jenn for her 5 for Five. The idea is to post five things you want to accomplish this week, and reevaluate them next week to see how you did. Since I'm off of work this week, I thought it would be a good time to give it a try. Here it goes!

1. Sign-up for Elf for Health Holiday Challenge: So, I realized this weekend that I have fallen WAY off of the bandwagon for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This summer, I went to the gym at least five days/week and was eating right too. I think this challenge will ease me back into good habits without cutting anything out cold turkey and might even jump-start my New Years Resolutions. Sign-up here!

2. Take Ryan (my dog) for a real walk 3 days this week: By real walk, I mean around the neighborhood, not just down the street. I have plenty of time, so hopefully I can get this done!

3. Make my returns happen: It never fails that when J.Crew has a sale, I feel like I need to buy something. I bought this top last week (in both colors, actually), but it sadly didn't fit. Ironically, I'm not all that disappointed, because I just think of it as getting money back.

4. Practice my new Photoshop skills: I learned so much this weekend, and I am ready to put some of it into practice. Hopefully you'll start seeing some changes around here...slowly, but surely!

5. Send out the Atlanta Blogger Meet-up Invites: So, Sara and I have been planning a blogger meet-up for months...literally. Hopefully invites are officially going out this week. Look for yours, and if we miss you for some reason, please let us know and we'll get one to you :) This event is going to be so much fun, and we want everyone to be there. Yay blogger friends! 



  1. Glad you had such a good time at Blogshop! I saw your Instagram shots and it looks like you learned a ton. :)

    Funny thing for that Elf for Health challenge - one of the people running it actually lives here in Columbus and I met her at a blogger event that my agency was hosting! Small world. I just signed up because I also need the kick in the butt.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. I can help with 2 of those! Ellie and I went for a walk this morning. Let me know if you want to go tomorrow or Wednesday. Also, I'm hoping to go to the mall tomorrow to make a Gap return!

  3. It's SO hard to eat healthy during the holidays. Good for you for hitting the gym up so much!!

  4. I am super jealous of two things... One, you attended a Blogger conference (totally on the bucket list) and two, you live in the Atlanta area!! I LOVE ATLANTA but don't want to leave my family here in Florida. I'm actually visiting in January. Happy Monday!!

  5. Well I know of one thing that you can cross off that list! Can't wait to see your photoshop skills soon! Have a great week, my friend!

  6. Just discovered your blog! You're in my area! Welcome to the blog community.

    xoxo Jessica

  7. SO HAPPY you linked up with us :) I need to check out #1...I need to kick my butt into gear! I'm sooooo excited about #5! Seriously, cannot wait!


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