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05 December 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

In my family there were very strict rules about how and when Christmas decorations could go up. First, the tree could not go up until the weekend after Andy's birthday (12/3). Second, all family members had to be present for decorating of said tree. Third, ornaments were hung in a very specific order, saving the most important ones (ie. the ones that were handmade by my grandmother) for last. This heirarchy cause many sibling fights over who would put up which ornaments.

While I do miss putting up the tree with my family, I'm glad that some of that drama is over! We spent part of our weekend sprucing up our house with some holiday cheer. Here is a look at our living room:

Our mantle - I love the stocking hangers I found because they match our rustic living room so well! I bought the purple and copper trees a few years ago on major sale. Purple is one of Hunter's favorite colors (don't tell him I told you), and I think they look great with the gold, rust, and copper decorations we already have.

Here is our tree! Until I get my second upstairs tree (which won't be any time soon mostly because there is no upstairs here ;)), I've stored away the non-matching ornaments.

I am so happy that my collection of "Christmas on the Coast" ornaments fits our color theme. My grandmother buys each of us one of these ornaments every year; they are always a representation of a historic place in Mobile. Here is a close-up of the Battle House ornament. Hunter and I stayed at this hotel when we were in Mobile for Thanksgiving!

Have you decorated yet? I can't wait to see!


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