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28 November 2011

Friday Foodie Review: 3 Sheets Grilled Cheese & Wine Tasting

Grilled cheese on a cold rainy night coupled with 5 glasses of wine will certainly put a smile on your face. A few weeks ago, Erin, Erin, and I braved the tornado watches (not to be confused with warnings which mean "put a bike helmet on") to sip on some fine French wines and nibble on some gourmet grilled cheeses. I posted about 3 Sheets' tasting a few weeks ago when I did my fall fun overview. It definitely was a night of fall fun. Each wine was paired with a specialty grilled cheese and a pallet cleansing side ranging from salad to french fries. We enjoyed every single morsel. Check out our local journey through France:

We knew what was coming for each course thanks to this menu. We scoped out what we thought would be our favorites!

Course 1 was definitely my favorite. Grilled cheese on a croissant? I'll take 4.

Course 2's sammies weren't as good as the first, but the red wine made up for their lack-luster appeal.
This final concoction of grilled heaven was on H&F bread. Can't go wrong there!
This was such a fun mid-week outing; it was a laid back evening that made the rest of the work week a little easier. I highly recommend this event. Apparently, their next round of wines will be sparkling! Let me know if you want to go, and I'll be sure to join :)


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