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18 July 2011

Beach Bummin': Watercolor 2011 Recap

Our vacation to Watercolor this year was relaxing, refreshing, and really fun!

The house was in a perfect location with less traffic and easy pool access.

We had a great time spending our days on the beach, and our nights in and around the resort.

...Complete with annual celebrity sightings:

That's Tony Romo in the plaid shorts :)

Our traditional New Orleans-inspired dinner at the Raymond's for the 4th was nothing short of fantastic, and we all enjoyed the balcony for fireworks.

Dinner at Redbar is a treat every year - and provides the perfect spot for a group shot :)

The kids enjoyed playing in the sand, and then washing it all off at the pool.

On our last night we headed into Seaside for a final group dinner.

Then, Hunter and I went to check out Alys Beach - a far cry decor-wise from the picket fences and colorful houses of Seaside and Watercolor. Drinks by the amazing pool was the perfect way to end our vacation.

I'm already counting down for next year!


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