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05 June 2017

Monday, My Day

It's been a while since we had a Monday, My Day post around here, so I thought a rainy Monday would be the perfect time for it. How was everyone's weekend? We spent ours with family and friends, and I have to say, it was the perfect balance of low key and upbeat. Plus we got some house things accomplished last week which means we're finally getting a little more settled. Hooray! Here are some of my favorite links, finds, and happenings:

We'll be basking in the sun at the beach one month from today which means my hunt for a bathing suit is ON. Leave it to Southern Living to round-up some great suits including this one from Lime Ricki. I also have this one headed my way this week. Adorable. 

As you know, I love a fun beauty find. Have y'all heard of Tulip? You can make a one-time purchase or sign-up for a subscription. I'm intrigued! 

Father's Day is just around the corner, and I'm dishing my favorite gifts over on Annette's blog today. 

The bane of my existence every week is meal planning, so when my SIL offered me a free Hello Fresh box, I jumped at the chance. We've had two boxes delivered (and one arriving today!), and I am hooked. Not having to go to the grocery store or talk about what to have for dinner has been life changing. 

I picked-up a few cans of Spiked Seltzer last week, and OMG they're so good for the summer! 

Shout-out to Rachel for sending me the fabulous recommendation for Crazy Love for a client meeting last week. If you're in the ATL area, this place is worth the trip OTP

Finally,  in addition to the great swimsuit hunt, I'm also on the great cover-up hunt. I can't find one that I like - 

any suggestions? 


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