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07 June 2017

A Refreshing Refresher: A Genius Trick to Revolutionize your Summer Beverages

While we've had a relatively mild few weeks in Atlanta weather-wise, I know that summer is just around the corner and with it will come scorching days. One of my favorite summer treats is allowing myself just a pinch more sweet tea than usual. I mean, really, is there anything more refreshing?

Even with insulated cups galore, hot summer days tend to melt the ice in my tea super quickly. This summer, though, I'm prepared with a work around: "fancy" ice cubes that create the perfect refreshing refresher. Here's what you do:

Fill a few ice trays 1/2 - 3/4 of the way with water, tea, lemonade, or other liquid of your choice. I love using tea and lemonade because when the ice melts, it just adds more liquid to your glass without watering it down. Next, add your favorite herbs and fruit to the trays. Once you've added all of your accoutrements, add a little more liquid (if you have room). Next, freeze your cubes! I froze mine overnight, but these should be ready in just a few hours.

Not only will the fruit and herb additions make your fancy ice cubes, but they'll add a bit of flavor too. I love the idea of having these on hand for any guests that pop by during the summer months, but they'd look extra beautiful for any showers or parties you're hosting, too. 

The tea I'm using here is Southern Breeze Sweet Tea which happens to be one of my favorites. For one, Southern Breeze is brewed in Georgia (just around the corner, actually!). For another, Southern Breeze is sweetened already with zero calorie sweetener, so there's no need to add sweetener of your own in your tea. The brand also has a lovely new look and comes in several awesome flavors including peach, raspberry, half-and-half (half tea/half lemonade), decaf, and original. I brewed half-and-half this week, but I'm eying raspberry for next week's pitcher. 

Here are a few of my favorite ice cube/Southern Breeze sweet tea combinations:

Southern Breeze Peach Tea + mint and tea ice cubes

Southern Breeze Raspberry Tea + raspberry and lemonade ice cubes 

Southern Breeze Original Tea + lemon and basil ice cubes 

The possibilities are endless! Plus, you can always add these ice cubes to other beverages like water or even cocktails. That's a refreshing happy hour I can get behind!

One more thing that's refreshing? Southern Breeze is giving away a kitchen makeover. The winner will receive $6,000 towards their very own dream kitchen. All you have to do is peel off that little salmon WIN sticker, flip it over, go to and enter your code for a chance to win. Since we didn't renovate our kitchen this phase, I'll DEFINITELY be entering! 

This post was sponsored by Southern Breeze. All opinions are my own.


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