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01 May 2017

Spring Decor Trick: Bring on the Green

Hellloooo! After a long hiatus from PPD, I am back. I'm hoping I'll be back with regularly scheduled posting, but life has been a bit of a mess recently, so I'm not making any promises. Y'all bear with me for a few weeks.

Before I dig into today's post, here's a little (BIG) life update: we finally moved into our house! It's not quite done, but it's done enough for us to be out of our rental. Every day we have people here trying to finish, and we've been moving things in and out for almost two weeks. Hence my absence!

While I have been away from the blog, I have been working on some pretty fun content for you, starting with today's post about spring decor. I've got my mind on interiors and interiors on my mind, so I was thrilled to be invited to the Southeastern Designer Showhouse. The Showhouse is open Thursday-Sunday now through May 14th, and y'all, it's GOOD. In fact, it's one of the better showhouses I've been to in recent history (including the Southern Living showhouse...shhhh...don't tell them).

The home felt very cohesive. Besides the fact that there is a homeowner that worked specifically with the designers, almost every room incorporated green - whether in the design or in fresh flowers. Perhaps this was intentional, or perhaps it was simply a coincidence, but it got me thinking that now is the time to bring the outside in. It's the best way to shift your home decor into spring without splurging on new pillows, throws, and bedding!

Trader Joe's always has gorgeous blooms, and you'd be pleasantly surprised by the selection at Costco, too. Of course, the best place to snap up some fresh flowers is at your local farmer's markets. Around Atlanta, our markets are typically on the weekends, but there's a midweek one just around the corner, too! 


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