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23 January 2017

Monday, My Day

I don't know about you guys, but I was GLUED to social media all weekend. Despite your stances (or football teams), I think we can all say that we witnessed several historic moments. I typically stay out of the political scene on the blog and IG as well. If you're curious about my opinions, you can find me freely giving them on Twitter. For some reason, Twitter has always felt like a "safe" place for me to get a little more down and dirty with opinions. Maybe it's because we're all on an even playing field there - there's little room (or patience) for long-winded rants. I will say two things: One, I am proud of the thousands of people (both genders) who came together to express their beliefs. Two, it is my fervent hope that respect plays a key role in everyone's agenda. Let's make it a point not answer disrespect with disrespect. 

And now...onto more flippant things...

Links & Happenings

How about them Falcons?!?! The Falcons haven't been to "the big game" since I was THIRTEEN!! This is a huge deal for everyone in Atlanta (aka. district 5). 

Ever since the ice storm a few weeks ago, we've been hooked on Bloodline. Have you seen it?! So. Good.

While I don't agree with every sign I saw from this weekend's protests, a lot of them were incredibly clever. This is a good round-up of some of the best ones.

I picked up a copy of Jesus Calling last week. One of my oldest friends has been going through a tough time, and I know that the only thing she would request that I do to help is pray. This book has come highly recommended for years, and I'm glad to incorporate a one-pager into my routine. 

If this picture is any indication, I'm still having daydreams about my trip to Rosemary Beach a few weeks ago. 

I finally got my act together and made a spreadsheet of some of our favorite healthy meals. You can find alllllll of my healthy food recipes on Pinterest. 

I can't even talk about these pom pom flats. NEED.


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