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18 January 2017

5 Reasons Why Bachelorette Parties are Better in your 30s

Okay, guys, I might be showing my age with this post (literally), but bachelorette parties in your 30s are pretty amazing. Bachelorette parties in my 20s consisted of inappropriate straws and terrifying hangovers, but now that I've made the turn into my 30s (and even a few in my late 20s), it's amazing how much better the parties have become. Hear me out for my 5 reasons why bachelorette parties are better in your 30s:

1. It's all about the theme. 

From invitations to food and decor, it's all about carrying a theme throughout the event. The invitations set the tone, so choose those wisely. I find mine on Etsy and have them printed locally. There are some great deals on personalized invitations out there if you just look! Personal touches like on-theme snacks and decor really make a huge impact without a lot of effort. We carried our "Under the Stars" theme out with Moon Pies and Milky Ways in grab-and-go jars on the dining table.

2. Welcome bags steal the show. 

I l.o.v.e. putting together welcome bags for attendees. It's kind of my favorite thing to go overboard on. I almost always request to be in charge of that and almost immediately throw my personal budget out of the window. I think there's something so special with welcoming guests to the house with a fun bag of tricks. For my most recent bachelorette weekend, I partnered with Kate Aspen to gift everyone a zodiac luggage tag and a gold star bottle opener. We also added Lunetta prosecco, and star and moon sugar cookies, and packaged everything in a reusable Baggu bag

3. The party lasts 2-3 days.

Gone are the days of a night or two cramped into a hotel room with tons of girls. Now, it's all about the bachelorette weekend. We find a chic house where everyone gets a bed, we load up our suitcases, and we hit the road for a major weekend of fun. Why limit the party to one night when it can last three?!

4. All nighters at the bar turn into all dayers at the spa.

A spa visit has become a staple at our bachelorette weekends. Few people really take the time to pamper themselves, so heading to the spa during a girls weekend is an absolute must. We arrive early to take advantage of all of the amenities and head home late afternoon to continue relaxing. Bonus: no cute outfit needed! 

5. Fancy meals out are fun for everyone. 

As a foodie, finding the best restaurants is an integral part of a bachelorette party in my 30s. We choose the best restaurants for lunches and dinner. Bloody Marys are a must for lunch while wine is ordered by the bottle and coffee after is imperative at dinner. And no one bats an eyelash when the bill comes. Pro Tip: Have one person pay for the bill at the end of the evening and simply have guests Venmo her the cash the next day. So easy! 

Thanks to Kate Aspen for providing a few treats for the welcome bag along with some decor items for our Weekend Under the Stars!


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