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05 December 2016

The Planner Series: Pt. 3: Karen Adams Designs Agenda

It's been a while since we last discussed planners, but with the new year on the horizon (!!!), I'm bringing you installment three! You can find parts one and two from a few months back to see where this journey began. Today, I'm sharing the Karen Adams Designs' Agenda. 

You might know that Karen Adams Designs is one of my absolute favorite paper companies around. They have some of the most unique items, and their quality is unmatched. What I love about Karen Adams Designs is their attention to detail. Their cards and desk calendars have little specs of glitter on them. Their paper is thick, and their wit is plentiful. Oh, and their holiday collection is unreal. They are without a doubt, one of my favorite brands, so when they asked if they could send me one of their new 2017 agendas, I of course said yes!

The truth is, I'm ready to take-on a planner in 2017. I think the new year is just what I need to get back on track and back to keeping track of all of my appointments and happenings. I was pleasantly surprised with how sturdy yet lightweight this planner is. It's not bulky at all and would fit well in my tote bag for when I take my office on the road (which is a lot these days courtesy of the renovation). I also love the silver details on the Karen Adams Designs agenda. I've been digging mixing metals, and since my phone and many of my other accessories are gold, this touch of silver is a welcomed change.

I have to say, though, that my favorite feature is the sticker sheet. I know that sounds a little strange, but nothing makes an agenda happier than colorful pens and even more colorful stickers. There's one for just about every occasion, too. Woo! 

If you're still trying to decide the perfect gift for the person who's always on the go, this planner is definitely it. And if you're making resolutions already to get back on track, pick one up for yourself. The perfect New Year gift. 

Thanks to Karen Adams Designs for sending me an agenda to review. All opinions are my own. 

Photos by Amber Corbi & me, respectively. 


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  1. planners are my favorite and this one is the cutest! thanks for sharing!


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