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25 July 2016

Monday, My Day

Whoops - the weekend got away from me a little bit, then work got in the way, and now today's Monday, My Day is a bit delayed. But I figured late is better than never, right? Here are a few links to get you through the afternoon slump. 

Links & Happenings

Last night, I hosted a Beautycounter party. Curious about Beautycounter? Take a peek at their site here. I'm picking up their mascara, this lipstick in Twig, and one of their charcoal products, too! 

The Waiting on Martha Warehouse sale is coming up this weekend. I'm hoping to get over there on Friday to scoop up anything I can get my hands on before the crowds. Up to 80% off? Yes, please. 

Hunter and I have been watching Roadies, and we finally got to a place where we feel like the show is getting really good. Have you watched?

I tried my hand at sweet potato toast last week. Thinly sliced sweet potatoes with peanut butter and cinnamon? Yum. 

When we were in Auburn this weekend, I picked up a bag of Mama's Secrets Cookies...and OMG. Addicting!! 

Tupelo Honey just started their bottomless mac-and-cheese bar. Yes, you read that right. Full report on the blog coming soon! 

My girl Maggie Griffin Designs has been posting some pretty incredible client photos recently. I can't even talk about this bed, y'all. Lacefield and pineapples, oh my! 


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