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01 April 2016

Urban Tree Cidery: Atlanta's First Cider Tasting Room

Atlanta's first cider tasting room is here, y'all, and it's GOOD. If you've been anticipating the grand opening of Urban Tree Cidery, the wait is officially over. Urban Tree Cidery opened their doors last Saturday, and I was honored to have a sneak peek (and taste) of the cider before the big day. Here's the top five things you need to know now about Urban Tree Cidery:

1. Their cider is legit. I'll admit it: I am not a huge beer drinker, but cider? That's something I can get behind. We were treated to tasting flights, and I enjoyed each and every sip (some more than other, obviously). My favorites were the classic and the original, but I can definitely get behind some of their funky flavors, like their Barrel Aged Cider, too. 

2. They own their own orchards in North Georgia. How cool is that?! That means the "juice" that you're enjoying comes straight from a variety of local apples. Urban Tree Cidery believes in supporting their local community and that means harvesting their own apples for the ciders they make. 

3. They keep it in the family. This Cidery is run by the Resuta Family which includes husband-wife duo Tim and Maria and also Maria's sister, Jackie. 

4. This tasting room is different. Not only is the tasting room full of incredible ciders, but you'll be able to get your kicks from other beverages, too, because this cidery has a full bar, y'all. Bringing your husband that's a beer connoisseur? He'll love ordering an Emergency Drinking Beer or a Creature Comforts. Meeting a group of friends who prefer cocktails? Spirits and bar tenders will greet them with open arms. Will your pregnant bestie be joining you? There's even sodas and water available. Something for everyone!

5. You won't find anything else like it. This is our first cidery in Atlanta which means Urban Tree Cidery is paving the way! I wouldn't be surprised to see others jump on the cider bandwagon, and while I'm looking forward to a new trend, I love that Urban Tree was first and is truly bringing an unconventional beverage to the Atlanta scene. 

Urban Tree Cidery is located on Atlanta's Westside at 1465 Howell Mill Road. Hours are Wednesday and Thursday, 5:30 - 9:30, Saturday, 12:00 - 4:00, and Sunday, 1:00 - 5:00. 


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  1. This looks SO Fun and I can't wait to try it sometime! How do you get invited to so many fun things love?! :) Great review too!


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