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04 April 2016

Aromaflage: Fragrance with Function

If you've ever struggled to go to sleep, raise your hand. Me too, y'all. That's why when I stumbled upon Aromaflage botanical sleep fragrance, I knew immediately that I had to share it with you. Aromaflage is fragrance with function, and it's a great new way to rest peacefully and comfortably in an all natural way. 

Co-founder and husband, Mikey, of the husband-wife entrepreneur team, Mikey & MoMo, always had trouble sleeping. After discovering that sleep aids left him groggy, he looked to find an alternative, and found it in natural essential oils like lavender. And that's how Aromaflage's botanical sleep fragrance was born. The Aromaflage sleep fragrance is made with scents like French Lavender, Brazilian Rose, & Madagascar Vanilla. It's a relaxing scent and because it's all natural, it can be sprayed on everything from your body to your bed. Simply spray it on or around your sleeping space 10 minutes before bed and prepare for a soothing night's sleep. 

I don't know about you guys, but I am always looking for ways to make my sleep experience better and more peaceful. I've tried everything from leaving my phone far away from my bedside table to sipping on bedtime tea to reading to melatonin. I love that the Aromaflage fragrance doesn't force me to change any of my habits and just becomes a seamless part of my routine. Another added bonus? Aromaflage sleep botanical's packaging is small enough that it can travel with you. If you're like me, travel sleep is always the worst sleep, so to know that I can toss Aromaflage into my travel bag ,and it's TSA approved is a major bonus. 

Aromaflage has other products, too, and with spring here and summer on its way, you're going to want to pick up a bottle of their Aromaflage fine fragrance that also repels insects! Their daytime fragrance is full of natural, botanical essential oils that by their very makeup, repel pests like mosquitos. Aromoflage's fragrance is free of toxins, too.  

I'm over the moon excited about this company, and I know you're going to be scooping up a bottle or two faster than you can swat a mosquito. Pack their travel size in your purse and head outdoors, y'all! Then rest easy that night with the botanical sleep fragrance. Done and done. 


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