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15 January 2016

Healthy Recipe Round-Up

The day after Christmas, I started being more regimented about what I was eating. I am cautious to say the word "diet" because that implies that I am restricting myself and denying myself foods when I want them, and that's not what I'm doing at all. Whenever I purposefully restrict, it always backfires (plus 5 new pounds). What I am doing is focusing on listening to what I actually want to eat. Yesterday, that was protein pancakes & a meatless lunch. Two days ago, that was a fabulous one pan meal from Southern Living and avocado toast. Last Sunday, that was donuts for breakfast. I am operating under a "most things in moderation" motto...and y'all, it's working. I am down almost five pounds since Christmas, which is super motivating for me. I can already tell a slight difference in my clothes and WOW do I feel better. I have some little goals in mind, and hopefully I'll reach them! Stay tuned!

I wanted to share with you some of the recipes that I am cooking up that are delicious, easy, and healthier choices! Feel free to modify these as needed; swap a russet for a sweet potato, make a meatless recipe meat-ed. Let me know which ones you try! 

(I've been using Publix Philly Cheesesteak Chicken Sausage and skipping the buns)

(This is a favorite! I add ground turkey & taco seasoning to change from meatless.)

(I've been topping my Ezekiel bread toast with avocado and then adding this on top for breakfast or lunch!)

(Accidentally on purpose ate these every day this week...and now I have the recipe memorized) 

(Use Noosa Vanilla Bean Yogurt and this is an incredible dessert...or breakfast...or snack!)

(I made this but skipped the sauce to go with Brats this week. Roasted cabbage will DEFINITELY be a staple in our house from now on)

PopSugar Dijion Potatoes
(These were so good, I made them two days in a row. They're a great way to fill a french fry craving!)


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