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18 January 2016

3 Atlanta Area Hikes

One of the cool things about living in Atlanta is access to some pretty incredible green spaces around town. Beyond our Beltline, there are tons of hikes that are within close proximity to the city. Since I've been trying to get 10,000 steps as often as possible, Hunter and I have been exploring some of the area hikes on the weekends. We've found a few that we loved...and of course, a few that we hated. There are a lot of options out there, but I wanted to share 3 that we're digging: 

1. Lullwater Park - This is probably my favorite hike that we've done. It combined walking through creek beds with paved access around a beautiful lake. There's a small waterfall along with the remnants of an old mill which while filled with graffiti, you can still walk inside and almost imagine what it was like when in use. This hike also boasts a suspension bridge! Just steps from Emory, Lullwater Park is convenient and accessible. 

2. Morningside Nature Preserve: This hike is incredibly close to our home which makes it perfect for a quick afternoon tour. The day we went on this hike it had just rained the day before, so there was mud everywhere, but it had great views of the city and a fun little creek that the hike follows from time to time. Best advice: go after there's been a dry spell. 

3. Sweetwater Creek State Park: We just did this hike this past weekend, and it was definitely a hike! Challenging hills along with a few treacherous patches made this hike enjoyable but difficult. Sweetwater Creek State Park is probably best known for being home to several shots from the Hunger Games trilogy, and if you go, you'll definitely recognize the ruins. I have to say that this hike was a bit too scary for me at parts, but if you're up for an adventure, I recommend it because the views are awesome, and you feel so accomplished when you're done. Oh, and another thing: it's pet friendly, so grab fido and go!

Any other hikes in the area that I should know about? Spill your hiking secrets!



  1. Oh, this is great! We are tackling 52 family hikes this year - so far we've done Pigeon Trail (on Kennesaw Mnt.) Sope Creek, and Roswell Mill. I'm also trying to learn how to Geocache to make the hikes more 'fun' for our 4 year old! I've heard great things about Lullwater too.

  2. I've done Kennesaw Mtn and Stone Mtn. Next time I'm in town, I'll have to check these out though!


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