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25 January 2016

5 Valentine's Day DIYs

I heart Valentine's Day (no pun intended). I truly do. Over the years, I've learned (and shared here) to embrace the reds, pinks, and purples, love the hearts, and enjoy the holiday. Don't take it or yourself too seriously and have fun with it! Today, I'm sharing 5 quick Valentine's Day DIYs including snacks, classroom valentines, & decor.. Each of these are super easy and will bring a little joy to your face. Whether you are celebrating with your significant other, your best friends, or your coworkers, get a head start on this love-filled holiday with the DIYs below!

Having the girls over for a Gal-entine's Day party? These placemats will spruce up your table without the extra headache. They take no time at all, and everyone will gush over the cuteness! 

Incorporate the Valentine's Day colors around the house with these DIY coasters. They're seriously simple and will add a holiday punch without too much cheese. 

Tiny spice jars filled with adorable peach candy? What friend wouldn't want to go home with these? Use the free printable to your heart's content. 

Pick up adorable mason jar cookie cutters, grab some twine, print the free printable, and you're armed with one a-mason Valentine! I love the idea of whipping up a batch of mason jar cookies, wrapping them up in cellophane, and attaching the cookie cutter for friends and neighbors. 

Popcorn is one of my favorite treats, and when you combine it with dried strawberries, chocolate, and pretzels, even more amazing things happen. This is the perfect pink treat for classroom or work snacks.


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