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16 September 2015

Oka-B Shoes

I'm starting today with a little transparency: I absolutely loathe wearing heels. I know, I know, it's a terrible thing to admit, especially for a girl that's under 5'3", but it's true. In my opinion, heels are the worst. They inevitably make my feet hurt, and I can barely walk in them. I prefer flats almost any day. Almost any day. That is, until I discovered Oka-B shoes

Traditionally flats and sandals found in upscale spas, Oka-B shoes made their wedge debut a few weeks ago by introducing the Emery wedge, and this shoe is amazing. The Emery wedge is Oka-B's first attempt to cross over into the wedge arena, and with a variety of colors and comfort to boot, the wedge is definitely a success. 

A few weeks ago, I was able to head to ADAC to speak with the Oka B team about their latest wedge design, and I walked away with an adorable pair of Emery wedges in dove gray. I have already worn this wedge all over town, and it is quickly becoming my go-to shoe because it is so incredibly comfortable. I don't have to worry about my feet aching or being uncomfortable in any way because Oka Bs are designed to be the go-to shoe. I love that they fit well and are incredibly light weight. Plus, the price point is hard to beat: Oka B Emery wedges start at just $56 (and ones with a cute bow will only cost $4 extra)! 

Find Oka B shoes at a variety of retailers across the country, and be sure to add a pair to your wardrobe this fall. They're a great transition shoe and definitely on trend

Thanks to Amanda Leesburg PR & Oka B for providing me with a pair of Emery wedges. 


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