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29 July 2015

Take Me There: Watercolor, Florida

Every year, we head with my husband's family to Watercolor, Florida. Watercolor is a quaint neighborhood right next door to Seaside where picket fences and pastel paint colors rule the design aesthetic. Not only are the beaches beautiful, but the towns themselves evoke nostalgia and embrace the small town lifestyle (if you want to read more about living in Watercolor year-round, check out Seleta's blog). We are incredibly blessed to spend an entire week at the beach with our entire family. There's something for everyone, and each year the trip is filled with relaxation, celebration, and good family fun. 

Instead of sharing a whole bunch of family vacation photos, I thought I would share the home that we rented this year. With five bedrooms and a carriage house, there was a place for everyone to sleep (including adorable baby Jack). But, the decor of the space was absolutely stunning, and it is definitely a home I would rent again and again. If you're interested in renting this gorgeous home, you can find the listing here. I cannot recommend it enough for a large family or group! 

You can read more about past trips to Watercolor here and here


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